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WWE NXT Melbourne Live Event results (08/12/2016)

NXT had an epic showing at Melbourne with a red hot crowd, and the blowoff match of a major feud.

The Melbourne crowd was said to be red hot for their first NXT show in the city

#1 Liv Morgan vs. Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon

Ember Moon & the home country girl, Billie Kay, got good reactions, with Liv Morgan not getting much of one. The finish of the match saw Ember Moon and Liv Morgan battling on the top rope, and Billie Kay came in, looking to get a tower of doom. However, Ember Moon held on, which led her to hit her top rope stunner finisher on Billie, picking up the win.

Results: Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay & Liv Morgan

#2 Wesley Blake vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Although Wesley Blake played the babyface, he was booed out. Perhaps, it could have been due to him breaking up with Buddy Murphy, the hometown boy. The crowd was initially not too impressed by the bout, but things reportedly changed in its last few minutes. Andrade hit Blake with ‘the Running Knees’ to seal his victory.

Result: Andrade “Cien” Almas won via pinfall.

#3 The Revival vs. Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

The Revival got a big pop, while “Who are you?” chants were directed towards Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli. Despite being heels, The Revival got babyface reactions, perhaps, because of the crowd’s familiarity with them. However, the match was said to be a solid bout. The Revival won using the Shatter Machine.

Result: The Revival defeated Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli by pinfall

#4 Patrick Clark vs. Oney Lorcan

Patrick Clark definitely got the crowd buzzing in this bout. Chants of “sexual chocolate” and “purple rain” were directed towards him. However, the crowd was firmly behind Clark over Lorcan. The crowd even chanted “Holy s**t” chants when Clark took his scarf/bandana and whipped Lorcan with it. This led to “ECW” chants.

The crowd began to sarcastically chant “Fight forever” chants, followed by “This is awesome” while Lorcan had Clark in rest holds.  The finish of the match saw Clark submit to Lorcan’s Elevated Half Crab. 

Result: Oney Lorcan defeated Patrick Clark by submission

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