NXT TakeOver: In Your House: 5 things that must happen: New champions crowned; Setback for Karrion Kross

Kyle O'Reilly could win his first NXT Championship at TakeOver: In Your House
Kyle O'Reilly could win his first NXT Championship at TakeOver: In Your House
Ali Akber

NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2020 was a big success for the Black & Gold brand. NXT will host another TakeOver with the same theme this year on June 13, 2021.

The brand has booked some big matches for the event where most of the champions will defend their titles. Apart from that, the Million Dollar Championship will be on the line during the event for the first time in NXT’s history.

Cameron Grimes and LA Knight will compete in a Ladder Match to determine who will be the first Million Dollar Champion on the brand. Both men have been looking to impress Ted DiBiase, and this will be the ultimate opportunity for both men to win their first title in WWE.

Ember Moon will get a chance to win the NXT Women’s Championship for the second time in her career as she takes on Raquel Gonzalez at TakeOver. MSK and Bronson Reed will join forces to defend all of their titles against Legado del Fantasma in a Winner Takes All match.

Xia Li will look to take down Mercedes Martinez on the orders of Tian Sha. However, the biggest match of the night will see Karrion Kross defend his NXT Championship. The Herald of Doomsday will put his title on the line against Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, and Kyle O’Reilly in a Fatal 5-Way Match.

Take a look at the five things that must happen at NXT TakeOver: In Your House this Sunday.

#5 MSK and Bronson Reed must retain their titles at NXT TakeOver: In Your House

MSK and Bronson Reed will likely have a tough time at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. MSK are the current NXT Tag Team Champions. Meanwhile, Reed recently won the North American Championship from Johnny Gargano.

Wes Lee, Nash Carter and Reed will defend their titles together against Legado del Fantasma’s Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. It will be a Winner Takes All match on the big stage.

Escobar has been one of the most consistent performers in NXT, while Wilde and Mendoza have proven to be a good tag team. However, WWE must allow the champions to retain their titles at TakeOver.

The Colossal needs to have a longer reign with the title, and losing it so soon will hurt his credibility. Meanwhile, MSK are also just getting started with their impressive title reign.

Legado del Fantasma could end up moving to the main roster sooner rather than later. The lack of solid factions on the main roster coupled with their recent work could allow WWE to make such a move.

Therefore, MSK and Bronson Reed must retain their titles at TakeOver to solidify themselves as top champions on NXT.

#4 Cameron Grimes must win the Million Dollar Championship at NXT TakeOver: In Your House

NXT TakeOver: In Your House will present a big opportunity for two superstars to win a brand new title for the brand. Ted DiBiase has decided to put his Million Dollar Championship up for grabs at TakeOver.

Cameron Grimes and LA Knight have been trying to impress DiBiase for some time now. They will compete in a Ladder Match to determine who will be the first Million Dollar Champion on NXT.

Knight is relatively new to NXT, but he has quite the fan following. Meanwhile, Grimes has been one of the top performers in NXT even though he hasn’t won any titles yet.

WWE must look to reward The Technical Savage for his performances and allow him to win the title in the Ladder Match. Grimes has competed in several championship matches during his NXT career but has always come out on the losing end.

He must be rewarded for his work in NXT with a title that can help his character grow and possibly take him to the top of the card. The Million Dollar Championship will help elevate Grimes’ new character on NXT.

#3 Raquel Gonzalez must make quick work of Ember Moon at NXT TakeOver: In Your House

Former NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon will get a shot at the title at NXT TakeOver: in Your House. However, things won’t be too easy for her as she will take on Raquel Gonzalez for the title.

Gonzalez has been the powerhouse of NXT’s women’s division for some time now. Introduced as the henchwoman for Dakota Kai, Gonzalez has managed to make a mark for herself in WWE.

Moon has had some incredible matches since her return to NXT. She could be in line to win the title again, but it looks like Gonzalez deserves a longer reign at the moment.

Keeping that in mind, WWE must allow the NXT Women’s Champion to retain her title at TakeOver after showing her dominance. She must be allowed to dominate Moon, and defeat her quickly without wasting too much time.

A quick victory over an established superstar will help Gonzalez make her reign memorable. She has only had one defense since her title victory against Mercedes Martinez who wasn’t a real threat to her title reign, so Moon could be a much more credible opponent against which to retain the title.

#2 Karrion Kross must remain unpinned at NXT TakeOver: In Your House

The odds will be against the NXT Champion at TakeOver: In Your House. Karrion Kross has not backed down from any challenge in WWE and has looked to prove himself whenever given the chance.

He upped the stakes a few weeks ago when he decided to challenge Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano to fight him in a Fatal 5-Way Match for the title. All four of his challengers are top wrestlers, and Kross will need to prove himself once again at TakeOver. However, none of the superstars need to pin or submit Kross to win his title at the event.

This could play out against The Herald of Doomsday who will be looking to extend his reign as champion. WWE must ensure that Kross remains unpinned at NXT TakeOver even if he goes on to lose the title.

This will hand Kross his first singles loss in a multi-man match without decreasing his value on the NXT roster. WWE could be looking to move him to WWE SmackDown after the recent releases.

Keeping that in mind, NXT must look to protect Kross at TakeOver so that he can continue his dominant reign in WWE.

#1 A brand new WWE NXT Champion is crowned at TakeOver: In Your House

Karrion Kross will walk into NXT TakeOver: In Your House as the top champion of the brand. However, he will come face to face with four top superstars of NXT on Sunday night. The Fatal 5-Way match seems too big to be true as it involves the cream of the NXT men’s division.

On one side, it looks like NXT may have booked itself into a corner as a win for Kross will significantly dent the credibility of the other four wrestlers. On the other hand, it may turn out to be the match that ends up making Kross the Roman Reigns of the NXT division.

However, WWE must take the NXT Championship off Kross at TakeOver: In Your House and crown a brand new champion. Kross has only held the title for two months now, but he has already proven his dominance in the ring many times.

Instead of keeping other superstars in the chase for the title, WWE could look to move The Herald of Doomsday to the main roster sooner rather than later. Kross could move into the top title program on RAW or SmackDown post-SummerSlam without losing any singles matches.

If Kross ends up winning, it could result in NXT being left with no credible challengers for the championship unless the brand decides to book rematches. Therefore, The Herald of Doomsday must lose the title to Pete Dunne or Kyle O’Reilly at TakeOver.

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