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NXT TakeOver: Toronto - 5 Points to Note

Epic entrances, two title changes, winners crowned for the Dusty Rhodes Classic, and a serious Match of the Year candidate.

Top 5 / Top 10 20 Nov 2016, 10:24 IST
We saw a shocking result in the main event

At one point during the evening, announcer Corey Graves told fellow announcer Tom Phillips to stop talking, because this show was like watching Elvis Presley or The Beatles in action. Despite the hyperbole, we cannot say we disagree with the assessment.

There’s something special happening at NXT right now, something that makes it the hottest brand in wrestling today. It has a charm that is lost the moment the same talents step up to the main roster. Today, we witnessed something as wrestling fans, that we will cherish for a really long time.

From the first minute to the time the show went off-air, we were truly captivated. Let’s move right to the heart of the action, and check out the many highlights of the show!

#5 The main-event was a slug fest 

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar have high expectations to live up to, tomorrow night in Toronto

The main event was everything it promised it would be. There was incredible hard hitting action, there was blood, there were moments where we wondered if the competitors were really hurt, and there was a very surprising decision at the end of the contest.

While we had predicted that Samoa Joe would lose this contest and move to the main roster, NXT surprised us by putting the belt on him one more time. Hey, we’re not complaining. This means that we get yet another brawl between these two sports entertainment behemoths. Fight forever!

It was the perfect match to cap off a spectacular event. If there was one thing that ruined the moment, it was the music that played after Joe won. It wasn’t his theme song, and moreover, it just diluted the magnificence of the contest we had seen. This is not our only grouse with the match, but with the whole show. 

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