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NXT Takeover: Unstoppable - 5 Talking points

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2.21K   //    21 May 2015, 16:47 IST
Samoa Joe is finally here

NXT aired another edition of its much-lauded Takeover series with ‘Unstoppable’. It had the MVP’s gracing the arena with their presence and delivering every bit and more of what was expected from them.

While none of the championships changed hands the entire event from card to card built up to a crescendo culminating into quite a memorable main event. It was everything that made NXT special and must watch. Nothing has been as much of a success story for WWE this past one year than their developmental arena.

Here are the five points to note from this edition of Takeover-

1.Who all are you going to fight, Owens?

NXTTO_UNSTOP_Photo_037-3599968237.jpg (642×361)
Zayn Vs Owens-The story continues

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn delivered another stellar main event in their yet unfinished storyline. Zayn has an injured shoulder and the champion used this to his utmost advantage. Zayn again played the part of getting decimated at the hands of a man who would leave no stone unturned in ending Zayn’s career.

Another layer of depth was added to this storyline with Zayn having a spectacular, show- stealing match against Cena in front of an overwhelmed hometown arena. Owens interrupted Cena’s segment two weeks later and destroyed him with a powerbomb. Owens is now set to face Cena at Elimination Chamber. This can be another point to note in Owens trying to be better than Zayn.

He has Cena to fight, William Regal tried to stop him from hurting Zayn further and then Regal got the ire of the champion. And at the end of the night, Owens had another challenge waiting in line,

2.Samoa Joe. Is. Here.

NXTTO_UNSTOP_Photo_046-4006969788.jpg (642×361)
Samoa Joe Takes Over

Samoa Joe, in one of the most incredulous moments in WWE television, made his NXT debut and stared down at Kevin Owens. It was an incredible moment and it was enough to protect Zayn from a loss at the hands of Kevin Owens.

Owens walked out of this fight. But the presence of Samoa Joe is enough to garner a lot of attention and an impending fight. Both of them are tough as tough can get. This looks like a classic in waiting.

Also, with Cena and Samoa Joe and William Regal’s ire and an unfinished storyline with Zayn, Owens has made a lot of enemies.

3.The Best There Is

sasha-banks-boss-nxt-632x330.jpg (632×330)
Sasha Banks-Second to None.

Sasha Banks has quickly made quite a statement in NXT. After Paige, Charlotte rose to the occasion to become the face of the Women’s division. And now that the Nature Girl seems destined for a main roster push, Banks has amassed quite a following to make her quite possibly one of the most must- watch performers in all of WWE.

Her wrestling skills are second to none. She delivered another classic expected from her. The fans, despite her being a heel, respect her and that can be heard in every arena that she steps into. The storytelling was what made banks the star, apart from her wrestling. Becky Lynch’s forte includes the arm breaker. But Banks went on to majorly attack Lynch’s arm. 

Irony at its best.

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