NXT UK Results: Major grudge match; New star debuts

Meiko Satomura was in action once more on NXT UK
Meiko Satomura was in action once more on NXT UK
Levi Grayshon

On this week's NXT UK, multiple rivalries came to a head. The show opened with Rohan Raja's debut as he went up against Teoman.

NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray was also on the show to celebrate her record-breaking title reign. She was cut short when the women's Gauntlet Eliminator to crown a No. 1 contender was announced.

Levi Muir faced off against Sha Samuels, and the grudge between wrestling legend Meiko Satomura and Aoife Valkyrie was also on the show this week.

The main event of this week's NXT UK was a six-man tag team match between Gallus and the recently-renamed Symbiosis. It followed a rivalry that had been building between the two teams over the past few weeks.

Here are the results, winners, and grades from the April 29, 2021, episode of NXT UK.

NXT UK opened up with Teoman vs. Rohan Raja

NXT UK's Teoman took on the debuting Rohan Raja to kick off the show. The action between the two men set off to a quick start as Teoman struck Raja across the face. He then grabbed his rival's wrist, holding it while he targeted his upper arm with strikes.

Teoman then got Raja down to the mat and targeted his wrist with an awkward bend. Raja began to fight back a little more and managed to take down Teoman himself, before securing Teoman's arm in a lock close to his body.

Rohan Raja then began to use his speed to his advantage as he dodged many attacks and followed this defense up with a neckbreaker. He then shocked his rival with a vicious slap across the face.

Teoman fired back with a strike to Raja's chest, before knocking him down to the mat. He threw repeated punches at Raja before stomping to the chest.

Teoman then corned Raja against the turnbuckles and hit him with multiple strikes and kicks. Raja managed to escape Teoman's attacks, and took him down with a crossbody.

As Rohan Raja went to run at Teoman once more, he was hit with a strong blow to the stomach. Teoman took advantage of this and struck Raja across the face with a strong forearm. He went for the cover, but Raja kicked out.

NXT UK opened up with Teoman vs. Rohan Raja (continued)

As the opening match of NXT UK continued, Raja came back with more momentum and went on the attack against his rival. He took Teoman down again with a dropkick followed by a pin, but he kicked out at two. Raja then planted his rival in the center of the ring but didn't manage to get the pin.

Teoman then hit Raja with a DDT off the second ring, before he grabbed him in a crossface submission. Raja almost reached the bottom rope before Teoman rolled him back into the center. Teoman then yanked Raja's body back and a crunching sound was heard.

Rohan Raja was left writhing in pain, screaming that his arm was broken before the match was stopped by the referee. Teoman was declared the winner before the NXT UK medical staff entered to see to Raja.

Winner: Teoman

Grade: B

Following the match, a promo package was shown for Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, and Dani Luna. The trio were separately in their hometowns, discussing what it was like to grow up in their areas.

Webster pondered what it was like to be himself in a small mining town, as Dani Luna spoke about living in Camden. Andrews opened up about being part of the skating community in South Wales.

As the promo ended, the name "Subculture" was shown on screen, giving a name to a new alliance formed on last week's NXT UK show.

NXT UK Women's Championship No. 1 contender match announced

On the next NXT UK segment, Assistant General Manager Sid Scala came to the ring to congratulate Kay Lee Ray on her 607-day reign with the NXT UK Women's Championship.

He announced there would be a Gauntlet Eliminator match to crown the next No. 1 contender for the title. He named Jinny, Isla Dawn, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, and Emila McKenzie as the women who will battle it out for a title shot against Kay Lee Ray.

Levi Muir vs. Sha Samuels on NXT UK

The match began with Levi Muir sending Sha Samuels into the turnbuckle, showing his strength. Samuels then turned the tables on Muir by hitting him with a stiff knee and a series of strikes to the middle of the body. Muir, however, used his speed to escape Samuels and hit him with a swift crossbody in the center of the ring.

Levi Muir then took Samuels down to the mat and attempted an elbow drop, but Samuels quickly got out of the way. While Muir was down, Samuels attacked him with a series of leg strikes. As Muir rose, Samuels took him down again with a clothesline and then targeted his shoulder.

Muir then fought back with strikes of his own. Samuels attempted to apply the Butcher's Hook on Levi Muir, but he was able to reverse out of it. Muir then took down Samuels with a Russian leg sweep. He lifted his rival onto his shoulders, but was forced to put him back down after Samuels attacked him with a face rake.

As Levi Muir climbed to the top rope, Samuels pulled him down by a leg. Sha Samuels then hit Muir with a spinebuster and managed to pin him for the three-count on NXT UK.

Winner: Sha Samuels

Grade: B

Meiko Satomura vs. Aoife Valkyrie on NXT UK

In the next match on the card, Aoife Valkyrie put her NXT UK undefeated record on the line against Meiko Satomoura. She had previously scored huge wins over many women on the NXT UK roster, including Isla Dawn and US star Aliyah.

Valkyrie started off by going to kick Satmoura in the thigh, but her leg was caught. Satomura then got Valkyrie down to the mat in a hold, but Valkyrie managed to put her foot on the rope to break it up. Satomura used her body weight to target Valkyrie's arm and shoulder repeatedly.

She then grabbed Aoife Valkyrie with a wrist lock, but it broke once again when Valkyrie got her foot on the rope. Valkyrie then returned the favor by grabbing Satomura in a wrist lock, which she quickly escaped from.

After this, Meiko Satomura took Aoife Valkyrie down with a shoulder, following this up with a sharp leg strike. Satomura then threw her rival into the turnbuckle and hit her with a forearm. Valkyrie attempted a double leg nelson, but this was reversed by Satomura, who attempted to apply an arm bar to her rival.

Aoife Valkyrie then came back with more momentum and used her agility to dodge Satomura's attacks. She then took her opponent down with a pele kick. As Meiko Satomura was on the outside, Aoife Valkyrie kicked her again through the ropes of the NXT UK ring.

Back in the ring on NXT UK, Valkyrie then locked Meiko Satomura in a submission. Satomura got her leg on the rope to get out of it, and hit Valkyrie with an uppercut.

She then got her opponent down on the mat, holding onto her foot as she repeatedly kicked the back of her leg before locking her in a spinning toe hold. Valkyrie made it to the ropes to break up the submission.

Following this, Aoife Valkyrie hit Meiko Satomura with a leg strike. The women then exchanged strike upon strike until Satmora grabbed Valkyrie's leg and propelled her before she delivered another leg strike that floored her. Satmoura attempted a pin, but Valkyrie kicked out.

Aoife Valkyrie hit Satmoura with a pele kick and tried to pin her, but she kicked out at two. Valkyrie then climbed to the top rope and Satomura followed her up, but was powerbombed into the center of the NXT UK ring. Valkyrie missed another pele kick, and then Satomura hit her with a suplex.

Valkyrie then hit a spinning heel kick on Satomura followed up by a moonsault. She pinned her rival, but she kicked out. Valkyrie then went to the top rope but missed Satomura, who retaliated with a DDT.

Satomura then hit Aoife Valkyrie with a Scorpio rising, ending her undefeated streak in NXT UK.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

Grade: A

Six-man tag team match on NXT UK - Symbiosis vs. Gallus

Following their previous brawl on NXT UK, the newly-named Symbiosis took on former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus in the main event on tonight's show.

The match started with Primate going up against Joe Coffey. However, the former quickly tagged T-Bone in the match to replace him. He appeared to target his face before tagging in Eddie Dennis.

Joe Coffey targeted Dennis' arm before he took him down with an uppercut. Coffey then tagged in his fellow Gallus member Mark Coffey, who tagged in Wolfgang after some brief offense.

He targeted Eddie Dennis' arm, while the other members of Symbiosis stormed the ring and attacked Joe Coffey before being sent back to their corner by the referee.

All three members of Symbiosis continued to tag in and out, and isolated Joe Coffey away from the rest of Gallus. Despite getting beaten down by three men. Joe Coffey managed to hit a crossbody on Eddie Dennis.

Wolfgang and T-Bone then tagged in. Wolfgang quickly went on the attack before he tagged in Mark Coffey to go against Primate. Coffey hit Primate with a Bulldog from the second rope, but he kicked out.

Eddie Dennis tagged in and planted Mark Coffey before another pin attempt that was kicked out of. Dennis then tagged in T-Bone, who in turn tagged Primate, who hit Coffey with a headbutt.

Joe Coffey then came and cleared out the ring, before he retreated back to the outside. He then tagged in and hit Primate with a Glasgow send-off before a discus lariat for the cover to win. The three men stood tall as NXT UK came to a close.

Winners: Gallus

Grade: B

Edited by Alex Turk
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