NXT UK Results: Major grudge match; New star debuts

Meiko Satomura was in action once more on NXT UK
Meiko Satomura was in action once more on NXT UK
Levi Grayshon
Modified 30 Apr 2021

On this week's NXT UK, multiple rivalries came to a head. The show opened with Rohan Raja's debut as he went up against Teoman.

NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray was also on the show to celebrate her record-breaking title reign. She was cut short when the women's Gauntlet Eliminator to crown a No. 1 contender was announced.

Levi Muir faced off against Sha Samuels, and the grudge between wrestling legend Meiko Satomura and Aoife Valkyrie was also on the show this week.

The main event of this week's NXT UK was a six-man tag team match between Gallus and the recently-renamed Symbiosis. It followed a rivalry that had been building between the two teams over the past few weeks.

Here are the results, winners, and grades from the April 29, 2021, episode of NXT UK.

NXT UK opened up with Teoman vs. Rohan Raja

NXT UK's Teoman took on the debuting Rohan Raja to kick off the show. The action between the two men set off to a quick start as Teoman struck Raja across the face. He then grabbed his rival's wrist, holding it while he targeted his upper arm with strikes.

Teoman then got Raja down to the mat and targeted his wrist with an awkward bend. Raja began to fight back a little more and managed to take down Teoman himself, before securing Teoman's arm in a lock close to his body.

Rohan Raja then began to use his speed to his advantage as he dodged many attacks and followed this defense up with a neckbreaker. He then shocked his rival with a vicious slap across the face.

Teoman fired back with a strike to Raja's chest, before knocking him down to the mat. He threw repeated punches at Raja before stomping to the chest.

Teoman then corned Raja against the turnbuckles and hit him with multiple strikes and kicks. Raja managed to escape Teoman's attacks, and took him down with a crossbody.

As Rohan Raja went to run at Teoman once more, he was hit with a strong blow to the stomach. Teoman took advantage of this and struck Raja across the face with a strong forearm. He went for the cover, but Raja kicked out.

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Published 30 Apr 2021
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