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Unpopular Opinion: Braun Strowman is done...and it's WWE's fault

Simon Cotton
4.89K   //    15 Jan 2019, 21:55 IST

How many times does Strowman have to get over?
How many times does Strowman have to get over?

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Three weeks into 2019 and the WWE has effectively killed the last remnants of Braun Strowman's momentum.

Though many were not excited about the prospect of seeing Strowman lose to Lesnar for the third time in a row, the decision to replace him with Finn Balor can be seen as a blessing and a curse.

Balor will get his second opportunity at the Universal Championship since relinquishing the belt the night after SummerSlam 2016 - a great change of pace for the longest reigning NXT Champion in WWE history.

Meanwhile, Strowman has no chance of winning the Royal Rumble and doesn't seem to have anything interesting planned for WrestleMania.

But I don't blame Strowman for this, I blame WWE.

From the moment he left the Wyatt Family to his feud with Roman Reigns, Strowman began his journey to becoming one of the biggest success stories of the revived brand split.

Strowman's popularity was at an all-time high in 2017 and his first confrontations with Lesnar were electric.


Then Strowman lost to one F-5.

Thankfully, a face turn was able to salvage some of the momentum he lost and fans were waiting to see what would happen next heading into the Royal Rumble last year.

Then Strowman lost to Lesnar again.

Unfortunately, what followed his loss at the Royal Rumble was a loss to Reigns in the elimination chamber and teaming up with a child at WrestleMania.

Strowman's defeats were used to build up Lesnar for Reigns at WrestleMania 34 - a match that Reigns lost in embarrassing fashion.

What should have been the end of the Monster Among Men being taken seriously was quickly salvaged when Strowman won the Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Finally, the chance for Strowman to become the world champion had come and he would earn a victory over one of his biggest rivals in Lesnar or Reigns.

Then he lost his cash-in match at Hell in a Cell.

Yet, somehow Strowman found himself with another opportunity and the fans in his corner after Reigns relinquished the title due to his medical issues and Lesnar vs Strowman was announced for Crown Jewel.

With Reigns out of the picture and Lesnar last holding the championship three months ago, fans expected for Strowman to finally get his moment.

Then he lost to Lesnar in about three minutes.

By the time Strowman's next match against Lesnar was announced, no one had any faith in him winning the title.

Then, on this week's episode of Raw, Strowman was removed from his latest championship opportunity and replaced with Balor.

If the plan was always to cancel the match, why book it in the first place?
If the plan was always to cancel the match, why book it in the first place?

Strowman's role in the company seems to be set in stone and no amount of fan support will change how the company views him.

The company could always change that, but it's become apparent that they don't want to.

Wrestling fans saw Strowman and looked at a new main eventer and world champion, WWE saw Strowman and saw another Big Show.