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Opinion: Braun Strowman's revenge mission should take him to The Fiend

04 Nov 2019, 17:26 IST

Will Braun Strowman be the man to step up to Bray Wyatt now he's Universal Champion?
Will Braun Strowman be the man to step up to Bray Wyatt now he's Universal Champion?

'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt is now the Universal Champion, but since he's taking the title over to SmackDown and Seth Rollins is exclusive to RAW, it appears that the star doesn't currently have a challenger for his title.

Braun Strowman was attacked by The Fiend a few weeks ago, however, this was then never addressed by the two men but The Monster Among Men lost his chance to become Universal Champion because of The Fiend and has since been on somewhat of a decline in WWE.

Strowman lost to Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel, which means that he doesn't have an opponent heading into Survivor Series, but it looks as though it could be RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT.

Strowman deserves the chance to step up to the man he once followed since Wyatt has proved that he no longer needs The Monster Among Men. It could be an interesting feud if WWE allowed Strowman to take on The Fiend for the title in the coming months since Strowman is a likable face but after his match with Fury, it's easy to see him transitioning into a heel.

There aren't many challengers for The Fiend on SmackDown at present, but since NXT has already declared war, there could be some interesting matches made in the coming weeks. That being said, following Survivor Series at the end of the month, if Strowman doesn't step straight into the feud this week, then these two heavyweights should definitely be allowed to collide and see who comes out on top beneath the red lighting.

Do you think Braun Strowman is the man next in line for a Universal Championship shot? Have your say in the comments section below...

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