Mustafa Ali could be the star to make the best of RETRIBUTION

Mustafa Ali with RETRIBUTION
Mustafa Ali with RETRIBUTION
Sanjay Dutta

It's been more than two months since WWE's newest faction, RETRIBUTION, made their debut. The negativity surrounding the masked assailants has been a constant ever since. The group has been on the receiving end of jabs and barbs from the WWE Universe for weeks.

Fans have criticized everything from their attire to the names of the core members. It wouldn't be a stretch to say the company's presentation of RETRIBUTION has made the group the butt of jokes online. 

However, if there has been a silver lining to all of the doom and gloom, it has come in the form of members of roasting people on social media. The retorts to criticism of the group, especially those dished out by T-Bar, have been amusing. 

Amid all the fun and games, the faction's future didn't seem to be too bright. Nevertheless, that might be up for debate as Mustafa Ali revealed himself as the leader of RETRIBUTION last week on RAW

The Chicago-native's match against the head of The Hurt Business, MVP, ended in a no-contest following interference from RETRIBUTION. The masked stable surrounded the ring, trapping MVP, Mustafa Ali, and the rest of The Hurt Business.

Mustafa Ali, who initially answered MVP's clarion call to accompany them in the fight against RETRIBUTION, changed his tune and stood alongside the invading faction. In an unexpected twist, Mustafa Ali pointed at the ring and ordered T-Bar and Mace to attack. The segment ended with Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION standing tall over The Hurt Business. 

Can Mustafa Ali save what appears to be a sinking ship in RETRIBUTION? 

Well, the answer isn't as simple as it sounds. For starters, it is pretty difficult to gauge how far a stable could go after they have only been a unit for a few months. WWE has put a lot of stock into RETRIBUTION as they have consistently been a featured act on RAW.

Some fans have drawn comparisons between Mustafa Ali joining RETRIBUTION to that of CM Punk leading The New Nexus. However, one has to remember that by the time CM Punk joined Nexus and became its leader, the group had been together for almost a year. 

That isn't the case with RETRIBUTION as they debuted on the main roster a just a few months ago. While one can raise concerns about their presentation and booking, it's too soon to write them off entirely. 

The addition of Mustafa Ali might be the shot in the arm that the group needed. If one takes away their ridiculous ring names and attires, the men and women behind the masks, except for newcomer Dio Madden, have proven their mettle as credible in-ring performers. 

Besides, fans have been clamoring for Mustafa Ali to be featured more prominently for a while now. While it might not seem like the best thing at the moment, Mustafa Ali as the leader of the masked faction is miles better than him getting tucked away in a match on Main Event. 

Following his actions on RAW, the newfound leader of RETRIBUTION had this to say: 

The reasoning that Mustafa Ali gave for joining the group seems perfectly logical. If one takes a look at his career over the past few years, the self-proclaimed Light has come within inches of greatness on numerous occasions. 

From the 2019 Money In the Bank Ladder Match to Elimination Chamber 2019, the Chicago-native has been stifled by the system. All the other members of the faction have also gone through the same. Now, the group seems to be hellbent on breaking the system that held them back. 

Nevertheless, can Mustafa Ali save RETRIBUTION? The short answer is he already has. While it's too early to comment on their future, RETRIBUTION is in good hands with Mustafa Ali as their kingpin. 

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Edited by Philip Lindsey

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