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Opinion: Daniel Bryan and Rowan are the perfect SmackDown Tag Team Champions

955   //    09 May 2019, 00:08 IST

Last night on SmackDown, Daniel Bryan and Rowan won the vacated SmackdDwn Tag Team Championships by defeating The Usos. Out of all of the possibilities, WWE could have gone with for this situation, this was the right decision as Bryan and Rowan are perfect for the titles. 

Bryan is arguably the best thing on WWE programming at the moment, as his heel turn late last year has revitalized him and he has evolved into one of the best WWE characters in the modern era. If Kofi Kingston didn’t get so hot and so many weren’t behind him, I don’t think many would have complained if he retained the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Now that his title reign is over, he needed something to do and this was probably the best thing he could’ve done. 

We also can’t forget about Rowan. When he returned earlier this year at the Royal Rumble during Bryan’s title match, many people were confused as to why Rowan was being paired with Bryan. As time has gone on though, Rowan has grown into his role. His confidence and prescreens has drastically improved.  

While SmackDown’s tag team division has taken a massive hit since the Superstar Shakeup, where they lost The Usos and The Bar and a couple of other teams. Bryan and Rowan can revitalize the division and make the belts meaningful again. The only question is who will they feud with? The only teams on SmackDown are Russev and Nakamura, who are heels and haven’t been seen on tv lately, as well as Heavy Machinery, who might be their first feud. I can see some teams like AOP coming over to SmackDown to feud with Bryan and Rowan. Either way you slice it though, Daniel Bryan and Rowan and the tag team titles are a perfect fit.