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Opinion: Dean Ambrose didn't get a proper farewell

Anne Joseph
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:34 IST

Dean Ambrose made his last WWE appearance on Raw.
Dean Ambrose made his last WWE appearance on Raw.

Dean Ambrose has been a household name for WWE audiences for the past few years. He was the powerhouse of WWE in the absence of Roman Reigns and John Cena in 2016. He had multiple rivalries on the Road to WrestleMania, and carried the company through a down period, while entertaining the fans with his 'Lunatic Fringe' gimmick.

Thank you for the memories, Dean'o. But with his time as a WWE superstar done for the foreseeable future, the question is: did WWE give him the perfect farewell? A huge 'no' will prove to be an apt answer.

This last Monday on RAW was his last appearance as a WWE Superstar, and WWE management booked him in a match against Bobby Lashley. I'd say fair enough. Lashley provoked Ambrose by mentioning Renee Young, and instead of witnessing the Lunatic Fringe take revenge and protecting his wife's honor, we saw him get annihilated by The Dominator. Moreover, it was not even an actual match since the bell had not rung before the chaos unfolded on and around the entrance ramp for a couple of minutes.

The Lunatic Fringe got the best of Lashley early on, but was eventually speared and put through the RAW announce table by the former Intercontinental Champion.

The segment looked more like a build-up than a send-away, and that fuels rumors that the angle was to set up a future confrontation. There is a chance that Ambrose might stay at least for a feud because he didn't even have a proper feud prior to his departure from the wrestling conglomerate.

After the show came to an end, The Shield did their signature pose and gave him an emotional send-off. Ambrose spoke to the crowd for a few minutes. Below is an excerpt of the report on The Wrestling Inc.

Ambrose said that the best thing he's ever seen in WWE was Rollins stomping Lesnar's "dumb, lunchbox head into the ground and take the title back for the boys." Ambrose then praised Reigns for beating "the s--t" out of cancer. Ambrose added that they debuted at the arena and Arn Anderson called them "two indie schmucks and a football player." Ambrose said that a building is just a building, it's the people who fill it that matter. Ambrose then took a few bows for his farewell.

If that was the last time we are going to see him on WWE TV, then it is safe to say he deserved much better. WWE seems to have forgotten the contributions of Ambrose throughout the years, and that is quite disturbing for the fans.

Ever since the company announced his departure from the company, WWE stopped his push unceremoniously, as was evident during his losses to superstars like EC3. There were a lot of things wrong with the feud between him and Rollins. Suddenly, his gimmick fell flat, and he did not feature at WrestleMania. WWE should treat its employees better. Ambrose is a former WWE Champion, and spent seven years as one of the top talents on the roster.

Seth Rollins, the current WWE Universal Champion, said the following during an interview with Cathy Kelly on Ambrose leaving.

It breaks my heart. I get it, you know. I understand. I never imagined the three of us working anywhere else, or not being here at the same time. But I never imagined, you know, me and Roman here, or me and Ambrose here and Roman somewhere else, or Ambrose, or me... you know I just never saw it that way.

WWE has shown us several times that it starts caring about its employees only when they give a guarantee that they are going to renew their contracts. When Styles contemplated before signing his contract, they stopped his push quite abruptly. 

Ambrose is a victim of this trap, and I wish Ambrose all the very best in his future endeavors,

Published 11 Apr 2019, 02:43 IST
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