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Unpopular Opinion: Stomping Grounds proved how toxic the WWE Universe is

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Is The WWE Universe becoming toxic?
Is The WWE Universe becoming toxic?

Let's be honest here.

In the latest WWE NEWS, No matter what WWE does, there will always be a portion of the fanbase that doesn't like the result. Not only has this become extremely evident over the course of the last couple of months, but it was also on full display during the Stomping Grounds pay per view on Sunday. In fact, WWE delivered one of their best shows of the year, and fans couldn't care less.

Was it perfect? Absolutely not! Lacey Evans probably should have won The Raw Women's title to keep the feud going a while longer, and Brock Lesnar being teased all night was a bit of a letdown, but the company still put out some pretty solid stuff. Beyond that, they sent a message that they are ready to change the landscape once again.

Unfortunately for WWE, their fans don't seem ready for that kind of change and expressed as much throughout the entirety of the pay per view. Furthermore, WWE fans seem so disinterested in the product right now, especially after Stomping Grounds, that you have to wonder who has the problem and who doesn't.

While some might believe WWE has the problem and their content isn't up to par with what it should be, others are wondering if fans are just hard to please. With that being said, the latter seems to be becoming more and more true as the weeks go on and Stomping Grounds was an excellent example of this.

Think about it! The WWE Title match took Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler to their absolute limit, the company made the swerve of the year by having Lacey Evans as special guest referee, and Becky Lynch was brought in to help Seth Rollins retain his title. If nothing else, that's better than any b-level pay per view in the last year and should be appreciated.

Instead, however, the WWE Universe panned the pay per view as predictable and even had a bunch of nasty chants for the competitors throughout the show. One example of this was fans in attendance chanting "boring" and "CM Punk" during The Universal title match, despite the fact that the company really went all in for the bout.

Another example was the comments fans gave after the pay per view, which panned the show as garbage, predictable, and not their best. If nothing else, these comments point to two very important things. The first thing is that nothing the company does will make fans happy, and the second is that the WWE Universe has become extremely toxic.

In the end, it's time for that gut-check moment. It's time for the fans to look themselves in the mirror and decide what they want. They need to reach deep down inside themselves and think about whether they want to watch the product or not anymore. If not, that's fine! No harm and definitely no foul, but why watch something you don't even like?


Secondly, stop trash talking on the internet and starting meaningless arguments with anyone that doesn't share your opinion. Both of these things are only making the WWE Universe even more toxic and even almost unbearable at times. Is that any way you want a fellow WWE Universe member to feel?

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