Opinion: How WWE will end Aj Styles vs Seth Rollins at Money In The Bank 

  • This is the way it should end!
Modified 30 Apr 2019, 11:23 IST

Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles. Who wins?
Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles. Who wins?

The Beastslayer, Seth Rollins is set to take on The Phenomenal AJ Styles at Money in The Bank. The WWE Universe has been coming up with their own versions of possible endings to the match, but there is only one suitable ending that will satisfy all parties. Unfortunately for the WWE Universe, it will come in the most unsatisfactory ways possible.

In all honesty, there has to be some kind of dusty finish to this dream match at Money in The Bank, with one of Raw's top two superstars coming out of this with lessened credibility. If nothing else, that would be a nightmare scenario for Styles or Rollins, which thus puts WWE in a very delicate position.

That's why, WWE needs to bring in Brock Lesnar to run interference in the match, and make sure that the company doesn't have to hand a clean loss to either of their top superstars. This will also allow WWE to set up a triple threat match between Lesnar, Styles, and Rollins at another pay per view, which would be another dream match for the company.

Think about it! Brock Lesnar hasn't been seen or heard from, since losing the Universal title to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, and would be the perfect guy to come out of nowhere and screw fans out of a good ending. At least that way, Lesnar stays revelant, both superstars can go on without a loss, and Rollins can keep his title.

Even if Lesnar dosen't get a rematch, it would still be great publicity for him heading into his rumored fight with Daniel Cormier, and would allow WWE to hold off on the big finish for the dream match between Styles and Rollins. It's also a great stop gap for the title picture until WWE can build the next contender to step up to take Rollins' belt.

While fans might think that there is no point dragging on the Styles versus Rollins dream match into the summer months, it does give WWE more time to work on other possible contenders like Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, Bobby Lashley and others who are on the cusp of soldifying great characters, but not exactly there yet.

In the end, this allows them the time to do that, gives WWE a chance to milk the coveted dream match between two popular stars, and continues the title reign of Seth Rollins without hurting Styles' credibility in the process.

Published 30 Apr 2019, 11:23 IST
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