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Opinion: Is it possible The Fiend draws his power from the red light?

Rick Ucchino
04 Nov 2019, 07:34 IST

Is it the red light that makes Bray Wyatt invincible?
Is it the red light that makes Bray Wyatt invincible?

This is just a working theory of mine, but I believe the red lighting we've seen during his last two matches is what's giving Bray Wyatt his power.

Call it an invincibility cloak, call it a cheat code, call it whatever you want. The fact is in the last two matches that it's been used, The Fiend has been unbeatable. At Crown Jewel, Seth Rollins hit Wyatt with a bevy of super kicks and stomps. He hit him in the head multiple times with a sledgehammer. He seemingly electrocuted him when he kicked Wyatt off the stage. None of it mattered. The Fiend kept coming.

The match at Crown Jewel was booked very similarly to what we saw at Hell in a Cell. The only difference was that the referee wasn't allowed to stop the match. I cannot recall a Superstar ever being booked this strong. Not even the Undertaker could sustain the damage Wyatt did, leave alone the fact that he went on to win the match.

So how is The Fiend so indestructible? Has the unworldly character been drawing his strength from that eerie red lighting? Well if you take Wyatt at his word, he may have told us so himself, following his title win -

I'm sure many of you reading this article right now are skeptical, but is it really that hard to believe? We're talking about a man who talks to puppets for a living. One of whom gets killed and then is reincarnated regularly. There has to be some suspension of disbelief with The Fiend character.

Why didn't we see the red light at SummerSlam?

Great question. Maybe the idea hadn't been thought of yet. Maybe the red light was only meant to be used at Hell in Cell, but the powers that be decided to keep it around. I like to think that Wyatt only uses the red light when he deems it necessary. Much like Finn Balor does with the Demon face paint.

The Demon Finn Balor
The Demon Finn Balor

This would mean we wouldn't have to watch every Fiend match under the red lighting, which is something that has been heavily criticized by the WWE Universe. The lighting made sense at Hell in a Cell. It set the tone for what Wyatt promised would be literal Hell. It also worked to an extent, because the two superstars were confined to the area inside the cell.


Crown Jewel was a different story. Rollins and Wyatt could go anywhere, and unfortunately, the lighting technicians were having a difficult time keeping up with them. There were times when the two superstars were literally wrestling in pitch black. Obvious safety issues aside, it was very difficult for the viewer to watch. I can only imagine how difficult it was for those in attendance.

Many fans are hoping the lighting will disappear altogether, but under my theory, it serves another purpose. It allows Bray Wyatt to become beatable. Think about it. After the last two matches, how is anyone really supposed to beat The Fiend?

There are many ways Wyatt could eventually lose the Universal Championship without being pinned. We've seen titles change hands in triple threat matches without the champion being involved in the finish. He could lose a latter match, or someone could pull the Kofi Kingston stage dive out of the cage door to steal the title in a cage match. However, sooner or later, Bray Wyatt is going to have to pinned.

If Wyatt is only invincible when the arena is illuminated in red, it would allow him to realistically lose in a match where it's not used.

So if Wyatt is invincible, why wouldn't he always wrestle with under the red glow?

Another great question, and it's one where I don't have the answer. I could ask the same question about Finn Balor and his demon persona. He's undefeated as The Demon, so why doesn't he don the face paint before every match? That's a question only WWE creative can answer.

Again this is just a theory of mine. It's not perfect, but the WWE decided to book Wyatt like he's the son of Michael Myers. I'm just trying to figure out how they can bring him back down to Earth a little bit. I'll be interested to see how the company goes about doing that. They should have plenty of time to come up with something. The Fiend should be Universal Champion for the foreseeable future.

What are your thoughts on the red lighting? Should it stay or go?

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