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Opinion: John Cena's new finisher doesn't look lethal at all

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John Cena has been teasing his new finishers for quite some time now.
John Cena has been teasing his new finishers for quite some time now

I have very different views about Cena's new finishers, "Sixth Move of Doom." John Cena has been teasing his new finishers for quite some time now. WWE also released a video where Cena was seen talking about his new finisher move called, "The Sixth Move of Doom." While many will agree with me, Cena's first use of his new finisher at a Live Event did not look as lethal as one would have hoped.

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There are flaws with this new finisher that Cena seems to have trained so hard for, according to the video released by WWE. But the effect of the move seems nothing compared to the name suggested.

First, the name of the finisher seems too vague to acknowledge the effect of the move. "Sixth Move of Doom" seems like a fist punch straight to the side of the neck. Here, take a look.

A Kung-Fu like finisher which happened at the Live Event in Shanghai seems to be a step from WWE to woo the Chinese audience by giving one of their most prominent wrestlers in WWE and wrestling history to give a kind of Kung-Fu background in his wrestling.

What's worse about this finisher is the fact that it is a move which follows Cena's last finisher AA or Attitude Adjustment.

This takes everything away from Cena's AA which has won him countless Championships during his time in WWE. The new finisher ensures that Cena will not be pinning any A-list wrestler with Attitude Adjustment any time soon and getting a pin-fall from this new Kung-Fu fist punch will not sell really well.

The fact that all these wrestlers will have to immediately get up after receiving five-knuckle-shuffle and AA to sell his new finisher "The Sixth Move of Doom" will only put his old finisher in a very very bad picture.

Yes, AA has lost it's touch that it once used to have and everybody was hoping Cena would come up with a new finisher.

Though, Cena did make major changes to his finisher in how he was delivering it or multiple AA's starting from his feud against AJ Styles. I was really hoping, Cena's new finisher will not include his old finisher to execute.

Let's hope Cena doesn't use this finisher too often or let's just wish that the finisher is not always accompanied as a finishing move done after his previous finishing move.

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