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Opinion: In WWE, new hair means a babyface/heel turn

Modified 07 Feb 2020, 03:20 IST

Ruby Riott returns, but her old hair color didn
Ruby Riott returns, but her old hair color didn't come back with her

For some reason, a returning superstar's hair has been the symbol of change to their characters.

The return of Ruby Riott this past Monday on RAW saw her attack her former Riott Squad member, Liv Morgan, following her match with Lana. Quite noticeable was the new green hair the star wore, which is said to mean "renewal and freshness."

Sasha Bank also sported new locks following her return
Sasha Bank also sported new locks following her return

Riott isn't the only star who has returned with a new hairstyle recently. When Sasha Banks returned following a hiatus after WrestleMania 35, she dropped her signature purple hair and went blue, while setting up a short feud with Natalya. Her best friend, Bayley, also chopped off the side ponytail and now wears a bobbed cut to symbolize her heel turn.

However, not all of the hair changes in the company mean that the stars were turning to the dark side. The Usos dawned new styles with the brothers cutting their long hair, Naomi going more natural with her afro, and Daniel Bryan chopping off his long hair and beard.

One thing's for sure: it can mean these stars will be getting a push and more TV time. Naomi, for example, might challenge Bayley for the SmackDown women's title down the road - based on their interaction on last Friday's show, most likely at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

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Hair is one of the symbols of power, especially among the women's division. According to an article by, it's a way to show that they are in control and are the most recalled feature from a person following a first impression. This can also be the reason why Sheamus (heel) is now back to his signature spiked hair and Samoa Joe (face) has his hair braided instead of the slick back mo-hawk.

With more returns and call-ups ahead of us heading towards WrestleMania, who knows who else will be sporting a new hair do. Depending on who that superstar is, if there's a change to the hair, it can represent a potential push.

Published 07 Feb 2020, 03:20 IST
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