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Opinion: Pitting Roman Reigns in a feud against Vince McMahon won't help

Anne Joseph
594   //    17 Mar 2018, 14:14 IST

The Shield reunion was the only time when the Universe cheered for Roman Reigns
The Shield reunion was the only time when the Universe cheered for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has received a major push since The Shield's dissolution and that led to him becoming the most controversial Superstar in WWE today. After the dissolution, Reigns was abruptly inserted into Championship picture, and then he went on to headline two PPV main events after which he was out with injury.

After his return, he went on to win the Royal Rumble match and headlined three consecutive WrestleManias (31, 32, 33) against big names like Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and Triple H. His feud with Triple H also involved Vince McMahon but he got a mixed reaction then.`

He is also going to feature in the RAW Championship match at WrestleMania this year against Brock Lesnar. All of these sudden achievements indicate favouritism, which is helping him move ahead in a very fast and unbelievable pace. The crowd disapproves of it, but the 'Boss' Vince McMahon seems to love it.

On the 12th March episode of RAW, Reigns went face-to-face with Vince McMahon and questioned him about Brock Lesnar's absence, which led to his temporary suspension from the show.

As a part of the WWE Universe, I want to put forward my opinion and I consider that they are trying to put Reigns in a condition where the fans can love and accept him. He is trying to start a feud with McMahon to gain the sympathy of the crowd, so he can gain their support.

They are trying to repeat history, same story but a different protagonist here. In 1998, it was Stone Cold and now it is Roman Reigns. It will be interesting to see if putting Reigns against Vince McMahon will appease the Universe or not. WWE Creative is trying too hard to make Reigns, a clear-cut babyface. Considering the amount of effort being put in, the response from the audience is underwhelming. 'The Guy' is still getting booed by the audience.

The Creative is trying too hard and the push is very evident. For the past four years, they have pushed Reigns so much that the fans have started to find him undeserving of that immense push. Also, with so many talented wrestlers around, McMahon chose to push Reigns which has further infuriated the Universe. Fans feel that Reigns has been pushed forward, at the cost of talents like Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. Unlike Reigns, these stars have a clean slate. Reigns has been accused of several steroid scandals, wellness violations and substance abuse.

Also when compared, ‘The Big Dog’ is very stagnant. Since his debut, he has brought very few changes in his wrestling style and manoeuvres, and he hasn't introduced many new moves which makes his in-ring action boring and monotonous. All of this has led to the hate he has been receiving, both online and live.

Does Roman Reigns deserve the push he is receiving? As to my opinion, there are many other stars that are way more worthy of the attention. No matter how hard Vince McMahon tries to endear him to the Universe as a clear-cut Babyface, it will only lead to a loud chorus of boos from the audience as seen up to now. The unfair decisions made on the top are not only demeaning talents but are also causing the estrangement of the fan base of the enterprise.

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