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Opinion: Randy Orton should interfere in the Triple H vs. Batista match at WrestleMania 35

2.47K   //    16 Mar 2019, 02:05 IST

The Evolution on SmackDown 1000.
The Evolution on SmackDown 1000.

After months of speculation, WWE and Batista have finally come to terms with each other for an ultimate showdown at WrestleMania 35. It was evident from the crowd reaction that the feud isn't fetching the kind of attention and expectation that WWE was expecting.

That being said, Batista and Triple H are great behind the microphone and they can build the hype with their verbal exchange in the upcoming segments which would, at the very least, avoid the 'boring' chants.

The WWE Universe was expecting the recent turn of events between Triple H and Batista ever since SmackDown's 1000th episode where Evolution made an appearance. The members of the stable - Batista, Ric Flair, Triple H, and Randy Orton, had a heated exchange where each star except Ric Flair spoke about the difficulties that they had to encounter before reaching their current level.

Randy Orton spoke about still being in the business, while Batista tried to give his stance on his equations with Triple H. The Evolution segment was the talking point and rumors of Batista vs Triple H match for WrestleMania 35 started boiling up.

The match is finally happening after Ric Flair's disastrous birthday celebration courtesy Batista, where The Animal dragged the Hall of Famer through his collar out of his dressing room and then challenged Triple H. The Animal's acts ultimately led to a No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania 35. Since the hype isn't as high as it should be, WWE can very well use the Evolution angle.

While Flair can become the center point of the entire feud, Orton can make his presence felt by attacking both the Superstars at the end of their WrestleMania match after the bell has rung. Orton is currently drafted to SmackDown Live and is involved in a very interesting feud against AJ Styles.

This could very well work in the favor of The Viper, who is the only wrestler from the Evolution who is still a full-time member on WWE's roster. Randy could very well prove his point of being the greatest in the stable.

WWE could also work with the angle of reuniting the group once and for all, thereby clearing all the tension between Batista and Triple H. This will ensure that the result of the match isn't on anybody's side and someone like Batista and Triple H can tell a different story in the fight. A moment of togetherness at WrestleMania 35 with the four veterans standing in the middle of the ring will certainly be an iconic frame for a monumental PPV.