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Opinion: Sasha Banks will return in a big way at SummerSlam, and here's how it'll go down

Will The Boss be back this weekend? I
Will The Boss be back this weekend? I'm banking on it.
Gary Cassidy
Modified 09 Aug 2019, 22:50 IST

Well, this may be the coldest take of the week, Sasha Banks may very well return to action at WWE SummerSlam this weekend - but I think it's a bit more than a "take" now, so much so that I'd say we can now bank on The Boss returning...and in a big way!

Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that next year's SummerSlam being confirmed in Boston was a very tenuous hint, and it probably isn't a hint at all - but this weekend's events usually hold a grand significance for a certain Boss - and one huge sign of Banks' return HAS hit the news this week in the form of a Becky Lynch interview.

As covered by our own Danny Hart, Lynch said that Sasha Banks is "away crying like Ronda Rousey" in the buildup to the hugely anticipated event - seemingly increasing the size of the target on her back that comes with being WWE RAW Women's Champion.

“If Sasha Banks could hack it and she didn’t just get her jacket – she’s off crying like Ronda Rousey – then I would love to face her. But, unfortunately, she couldn’t take losing. She lost the Tag Team Championship and she was gone. Some people can’t hack losing, they can’t step up. They can’t realise that when you lose, it’s just a chance to get better, it’s a chance to learn, it’s a chance to grow.” (Video here)
Could The Boss set up a match with The Man?
Could The Boss set up a match with The Man?

Now, Sasha Banks has been posted missing since WrestleMania, with several reports suggesting that The Boss may be angling to leave WWE, but things seem to have turned a corner.

While many thought Banks returning would signal an ambush on Bayley, Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue also recently stated that Banks returning as a heel simply won't work - because the audience will never boo her.

Now, we know Becky is a huge fan favorite, too, but her arrogance (which she, of course, backs up) allows for grey area. Banks returning to face her would allow for the audience to cheer The Boss, while maintaining The Man's bad-ass persona.

And that's before we take into account where SummerSlam is and who Lynch is facing. Will The Man be cheered against a Hart in Toronto? Well, that's very unlikely, particularly if she were to, say, make Lynch tap out to the Sharpshooter...


So, Becky Lynch to retain her title at SummerSlam? That's a banker. But The Man's next opponent? Well, let's just say that quite a statement may be made about that on Sunday...

Would you like to see Sasha Banks return at SummerSlam to confront Becky Lynch? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 09 Aug 2019, 22:50 IST
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