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Opinion: Shelton Benjamin's return on Raw has a bigger purpose to fulfill

Deepak Goyal
14 Mar 2019, 21:31 IST

Benjamin share a good bond with Lesnar
Benjamin share a good bond with Lesnar

For all of us, Shelton Benjamin's move on Raw was a bit baffling one.

Most of us assumed it is all about filling Lesnar's void as he has been surprisingly absent during the entire build for the Mania showdown. Lesnar and Benjamin were roommates in their college days and are known to be good friends.

Still, most of us are missing an integral development of the same episode. In one of the heartfelt segment of past Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle announced his retirement from Pro Wrestling. He promptly mentioned about his retirement match at WrestleMania 35.

Kurt Angle had an illustrious career moving from amateur Wrestling to WWE and from there to different other promotions round the world. Currently, Angle is not involved in any kind of storyline. He has been wrestling against random superstars like Jinder Mahal and Apollo Crews on Raw.

A superstar of his stature deserves a big retirement match with a proper storyline. The likes of Cena and Undertaker are unlikely to face Angle.

Last year at Wrestlemania 34, the rumour mill was abuzz with speculation of a Jason Jordon vs Kurt Angle match at the Grandest Stage of them all. Unfortunately, this match was scrapped as Jordon suffered a career-ending injury.

A superstar similar to Jordan is Shelton Benjamin. He has the same type of background as of Angle.

Angle and Benjamin competing
Angle and Benjamin competing

Plus Angle and Benjamin have a great history with each other as a part of World's Greatest Tag Team.


With Angle having no great opponent on Raw, WWE may have coerced to move Benjamin from SmackDown Live! to Raw.

Shelton Benjamin has been criminally underutilized by WWE management since his return to WWE after Brand Split. He can have a type of career resurgence with Paul Heyman with his side ( If Lesnar decides to go to UFC after Wrestlemania 35).

Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin can have a great match at the Granddaddy of all.

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