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Opinion: Should Alberto Del Rio return to WWE?

David Cullen
1.01K   //    07 Mar 2018, 19:00 IST

Viva Del Rio?

Some big rumours are making the rounds that Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) was at WWE HQ this past week filming an interview for an upcoming WWE Network short on Rey Mysterio.

Apparently, while he was there, Del Rio spoke with Vince McMahon about a potential return. The Mexican reportedly hopes to return to WWE either this or next year. His deal with Impact Wrestling is rumoured to expire in April and although he originally said just this past January that he would be re-signing with Impact for at least another year, that may change.

After a very successful first run with WWE which included 2 WWE Championship reigns, 2 World Heavyweight Championship reigns and a Royal Rumble win, Alberto Del Rio had returned to WWE in October 2015, following his controversial firing from WWE 2 years earlier.

Del Rio immediately returned hot as a very well kept surprise return at Hell in A Cell, where he defeated John Cena for the United States Championship in less than 8 minutes made him an even bigger star.

As great as that all sounds and was, Del Rio went nowhere from there. Feuding with Kalisto and being apart of the pointless League of Nations stable, which only existed to try to get Roman Reigns over, did him no favours.

And despite Del Rio's big contract of $1.2 Million per anum on a reduced schedule, it all came down to his position on the card, as well as being separated from then-girlfriend Paige in the draft. Del Rio was suspended for a wellness failure along with Paige.

This all led to the former WWE Champion requesting and received his release in September 2016 and has since had major success in Impact Wrestling as a World Champion.

Although Triple H was never a big supporter of his, Vince McMahon was always high on Del Rio as a performer and character and was even willing to bring him back while he was making disparaging comments about WWE in media interviews in early 2017.

Still high on eachother

So should Alberto return to WWE? He wants to, and rumors also suggest that Vince McMahon may want him back to, but would it be best for business?

Although she may be retired now, Paige is still active in WWE and may not be too thrilled about having to work with her controversial ex again. Del Rio also took in a negative response from fans over the relationship, and thus may not be welcomed back with open arms by the masses, should he return.

When it comes down to it though, the former Dos Caras Jr is a hell of a talent and may still have something to offer WWE. So if they keep him and Paige separate, I think Del Rio returning wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

He could help elevate some younger talent, and a potential alliance with Andrade "Cien" Almas and Zelina Vega is a mouth-watering prospect.

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