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Opinion: The hottest feud of 2018 has not delivered

Sanjay Dutta
589   //    07 Dec 2018, 13:05 IST

Dean Ambrose has become another generic heel on the WWE roster
Dean Ambrose has become another generic heel on the WWE roster

Just over a month ago, when Dean Ambrose turned heel and attacked Seth Rollins, fans were excited as they would get to see a side of The Lunatic Fringe that hasn't seen before. Even when the Shield broke up for the first time in 2015, everyone pegged Ambrose to be one to stab his brothers in the back.

Ambrose had and still has that brooding character, he is reserved and has all the traits of being a top heel in the company. So, when it finally, it had us excited as Ambrose and Rollins had a stellar feud in 2015 and with the role reversal this time around, everyone excepted this to be one of the best feuds of 2018.

But, if the past few weeks are anything to go by, this feud had already become quite stale and fans aren't very keen on seeing Rollins and Ambrose feud for the next few months. The Reason: the underwhelming buildup to their match at TLC and Ambrose turning into a generic heel.

While Ambrose was great as a heel when he kept his mouth shut and let his fists do the talking, the moment he took the microphone and started dissing the crowd, it was game over.

The feud which had so much intrigue and had the fans excited just became another regular heel vs. face feud. WWE seems to be stuck in the '80s and have not come to terms with the fact that generic heels or babyfaces just don't work in the current time. People's tastes have changed a lot over the years and so has wrestling.

In order to stay relevant you have to change with the times. 

Ambrose's heel turn could've been much more effective had he not blabbered the same old lines that every other heel utters. He could've instead stayed quiet this whole time and not given any explanation for his actions saying neither Rollins or nor the fans don't deserve an explanation from him and he'll do whatever it takes to make the Kingslayer's life a living hell.


Instead, the WWE choose to have Ambrose diss the fans in the crowd saying they are filthy and portray himself as the moral compass of the red brand. Haven't we seen this before? 

WWE's creative team seems to be running short of ideas, else why would they put a guy like Ambrose in such a spot where he has mug up lines which seem ridiculous at best?

WWE should seriously contemplate on looking out for new ideas as the concept of a formulaic heel dissing every town he is in isn't working anymore. Ambrose heel turn has been quite disappointing and we just hope that the company does something new and out-of-the-box with the 'Lunatic Fringe' in the coming months. But, the damage has already been done and it will be quite a task for the WWE to get the fans invested in the character of Ambrose. 

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