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Opinion: What if the whole Nia Jax attacking Becky Lynch was actually a setup for Wrestlemania?

Nathan Artis
5.69K   //    14 Feb 2019, 17:43 IST

Becky Lynch suffered a concussion due to the attack
Becky Lynch suffered a concussion due to the attack

We all remember the night that Nia Jax legitimately punched Becky Lynch in the face. Becky invaded Raw to send a message to her opponent, Ronda Rousey, for that coming Sunday's match at Survivor Series. Rousey was put in the Dis-arm-her submission move by Lynch, then Becky and the rest of the SmackDown Women's division assaulted the Raw division.

In the middle of all the chaos, Becky got hit with an erratic punch from ' The Irresistible Force'. It was certainly difficult to watch after that, knowing Becky was injured for real with a concussion and broken nose. What was more devastating, was learning that Becky was out of the dream bout with Ronda Rousey, and that Charlotte Flair was replacing her.

While we may have got robbed on that occasion of the dream bout, and WWE trying to do it again to us in storyline, what if there were bigger plans in place for a Lynch v Rousey show down even before Survivor Series, say on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

After Becky's supposed heel turn at SummerSlam, WWE tried to get us to believe Becky was the heel who was jealous of Charlotte getting too many opportunities for the title. It backfired for WWE because most of us can agree with Becky, and can see why she was frustrated.

Also Charlotte trying to play the victim just didn't work either, because she has that heelish swagger about her, whilst also claiming to be " genetically superior " to the rest of the women. Becky should have kept being a bad-ass face then like she is now, as it would have made sense, considering how the crowd reacted to her.

WWE Creative could see she was building up steam quickly with her twitter posts, and ruthless attitude on SmackDown Live. Maybe they initially didn't plan for it to go this way, but Becky was on a role through her ruthless aggression and determination. She was, and still is, the white hot bad-ass on a mission, and that is what may have lead to WWE officials deciding to hold her bout with Rousey for WrestleMania.

It makes sense because it not only gave them time to continue building Becky up, but Nia Jax didn't face any sort of punishment for her actions. If anything she continued receiving the push that she was going to be given after Survivor Series. Of course, Nia Jax has hurt multiple superstars in her career, but she should would have not got the push unless it was orchestrated beforehand. Maybe not in that sort of fashion, but maybe in storyline. Even though Nia may have lost to Rousey at TLC PPV, one would assume that was the plan anyway.


Charlotte Flair didn't get into any trouble for her brutal assault on Ronda at Survivor Series, which I'm pretty sure she may have nearly gone too far after she had been disqualified and cut Rousey open. We all know that in the "PG Era", Vince doesn't want blood. Maybe the Disqualification was necessary and protected both competitors, while the beat down added a sense of reality to the story.

We know one thing from all of this, that both Charlotte and Nia never faced any consequences. Both continue to be pushed by Vince, regardless of how well Becky is doing. But one can also see through the blurred lines, which leads us to ask the question, was Nia's attack on Becky designed to write her off television (only she wound up hurt legitimately instead)?

Anybody else that would be on the main roster and kept injuring opponents, would have faced some sort of repercussions, whether it be going back to NXT or getting fined. Nia is well protected though, as Vince feels her presence is needed in the Women's division to bring legitimacy to it. Ronda, Charlotte and Becky are fairly protected too at the moment, as they are making Vince a heap of money by being a part of the hottest angle in the company.

It's certainly safe to say that some are allowed to get away more than others. If you're making your boss loads of money and doing everything that's asked of you, then you're going to be given more freedom and protected heavily, like Brock Lesnar.

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