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Opinion: What WWE Should Do With Matt Hardy

David Cullen
1.32K   //    16 Sep 2018, 20:00 IST

Is he fi
Is he finished?

After wrestling at WWE's live event in Corpus Christi on Saturday, Matt Hardy took to his social media to heavily imply that he was now retired. When asked what was next, Matt said:

'' It's time for me to go home.. To be a father and a husband. I did so much more than I ever imagined I would do in this industry. Thanks for making this incredible journey with me, ladies and gentlemen. I love you all. ''

So, could Matt Hardy really be retired?

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I mean sure, especially in the manner of how he is speaking in these social media videos, it really does seem like he is. Hardy has said that his lower back and pelvis have started fusing together, and while the pain isn't too bad, it is frustrating. So while this shouldn't spell the complete end for Matt, it does seem logical at the same time to, given his age and where he is at in life.

However, something still doesn't feel right about it. Matt Hardy has loved to troll fans over the years on what his plans are next for him in the business and had often teased returning to other company's, and doing other things in wrestling, but then actually doing something completely different.

And more importantly, as of this writing, WWE themselves have yet to confirm if Matt Hardy really is retired. And should he actually be, then Matt is the kind of superstar who deserves to get that kind of retirement send-off similar to his good friend Edge back in 2011. He won't be retiring with just a last random wrestling match at a live event with the announcement on social media, no, it will come from WWE and on WWE TV. So for now, I personally do not believe Matt Hardy is retired.

Not finished, yet at least

So, what should WWE do next with Matt Hardy, retired or not?


Well, Matt has been pretty much in creative turmoil over the last 6 months. Despite the 'Ultimate Deletion' being such a big success for RAW, things slowed rapidly down for Matt following it. He did win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania, and the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships with Bray Wyatt at the Greatest Royal Rumble, but creatively, things slowed down from here, especially when he and Bray lost he titles to The B Team.

What WWE need to do next with Matt Hardy is send him over to Smackdown. Here he can be a part-time partner for brother Jeff Hardy, but with his in-ring career at least winding down, he could manage his brother instead, what with WWE's new reborn found love for managers on TV. And Jeff could not just be managed by Matt Hardy, but 'Woken Matt Hardy'.

And on the chance that Matt is about to retire, I think he should have his last WWE match at a WWE version of 'Tag Team Apocalypto', with he and Jeff coming out on top with one final WWE Tag Team Championship win.

With Matt, retired or not, the 'Broken Universe' still has so much entertainment to offer the WWE Universe, especially with Matt having creative input. The 'Ultimate Deletion', should only really just be the beginning.

Do you want Matt Hardy to stick around the WWE in some capacity? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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