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4 of the most underrated stars on the current WWE roster

Shiraz Aslam
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Kofi Kingston has been long overdue for a singles push

The word 'underrated' in WWE refers to a superstar who isn't given the credibility and respect that he rightfully deserves and is often deprived of special privileges. In other words, a superstar is not considered as good as he really is.

Make no mistake about it, the WWE has never had a roster full of such talent and determination ever before. Every superstar is scratching and clawing to impress the powers that be and the fans in order to gain some recognition.

In the modern era, hardcore fans admire the skill and talent that the stars possess more than their star power and physique, hence names like Hulk Hogan and John Cena often fall under the overrated category and names like Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro fall under the underrated category.

The company is unable to provide the right opportunities to the right superstars due to its loaded roster, hence many fans feel that certain stars are often overlooked and underutilised despite possessing a higher level of skill and passion than the ones the company invests in.

I am of the view that each active talent on the roster should be given at least one shot at championship gold once in a while to motivate the roster to further improve. They need some respect and recognition for all that they do in front of the fans.

But, as the old saying goes ' Life isn't fair', therefore, not everyone can get equal opportunities as many a time the WWE and the fans don't see eye-to-eye. Before I move onto the 4 most underrated superstars in WWE today

#4 Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston has almost done it all in WWE

Kofi Kingston is one of the best high flyers in WWE. His move-set is nothing short of incredible. The Trouble of Paradise and Boomdrop are just a few of the many innovative moves in his arsenal. He is a fine talker and can put on classics with anyone. You can always count on Kofi to deliver moments that will last a lifetime. His performances in the Royal Rumble have led to him earning the moniker ' The Royal Rumble Highlight Reel.' He always finds a unique way of keeping the fans interested in him, whether it's a character change or a battle royal save. His passion and charisma tell a lot about him,

He is the most talented member of the New Day but as recent rumours suggest WWE has more faith in Big E as a top singles star than they do in He has never been a world champion despite having all the prowess to be a fighting champion.

He has always been a midcard performer with main-event potential. WWE gave him a brief push in late 2009 when he was involved in a feud with Randy Orton but that came to an abrupt halt.

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