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Opinion: Why Chris Jericho should be the First Ever AEW World Champion

Saish Barde
376   //    29 May 2019, 12:55 IST

Best in the World
Best in the World

Chris Jericho. A major superstar and a capable workhorse for every major promotion he has been a part of has upgraded himself so well after leaving WWE that many wrestling experts are calling it the best of Jericho that they have ever seen.

He has reinvented his character and plays it so well that fans really began to hate him and also get behind him at the same time. But what role will Jericho play in AEW and what will the promotion benefit from him being the first ever AEW World Champion? Here are my thoughts.

Charisma and star power

Chris Jericho is the most bankable star and a major player of AEW. No one in AEW has the stature such as that of Jericho as of now. He proved that when he left WWE and worked hard, paved his way and upgraded himself so as to survive in the indies.

He also does regular Fozzy Shows and had a loyal fanbase even when he left WWE. So Jericho becoming the first ever AEW champion will give the company a major boost.

In-Ring Work

Jericho not only has paid attention to his character but also his in-ring work has greatly improved after leaving WWE. We witnessed the old 90's Jericho when he battled against Kenny Omega for the First time and received a 5 star rating for his effort.

He also proved it against the likes of Tetsuya Naito and won the IWGP Intercontinental Championship concluding that he was not a one time wonder when it comes to in-ring action. Given Jericho's age, he is still one of the fittest stars in the industry at the moment and this could allow him to capitalize the opportunity of becoming the first ever AEW World Champion.

Wrestling Creativity

Nobody believed when Jericho announced his own wrestling show. Even if it was just the one time and had an uncertain future, Jericho's Rock N Wrestling Rager at Sea was a success. We also witnessed the dream match between the Alpha Club and the Bullet Club. The Fans were given a real treat and all this was possible because of Jericho. This proves that he has a genius wrestling mindset and if allowed to be creative then there is no one better than Jericho. AEW will get a popular champion and Jericho will cement his legacy.

Another great example of his creativity is 'The List of Jericho', where Jericho became over with the fans and also ensured Kevin Owens became the next breakout star. This proves that Jericho is not only capable of creating a great rivalry but also improving his opponents status.

AEW has not yet proven to be a strong contender to WWE and if they want to leave a lasting impact, they have to create history by crowning a worthy champion. A champion that is not only capable of putting on great matches and improving his character, but also capable of shoulder the burden of the company. Chris Jericho is the perfect fit for that role and can help AEW cement their place in modern wrestling.