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Opinion: Why Daniel Bryan must move to RAW in the Superstar Shake-up

Gary Cassidy
1.32K   //    14 Apr 2018, 22:20 IST

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan may have unfinished business on the blue brand, but he should move to Raw

So, let me preface this by saying that Daniel Bryan being back in action is incredible and, wherever he is, I'm grateful and I'll be watching. But, with the Superstar Shake-Up imminent, I think one of the first names to move HAS to be the 'Yes man'.

Now, don't get me wrong, seeing Daniel Bryan perform on SmackDown Live this week in a dream match, we never thought we would see, against AJ Styles, was possibly the greatest surprise WWE has ever sprung on the blue brand.

Now, most people who had seen the segments leading up to the match would have most likely predicted there wouldn't be a clean finish here as, while a loss would hurt neither man, the easy option was Shinsuke Nakamura "ruining" the match for everyone and attacking both men.

While the match has left unfinished business for Bryan, with both Styles and Nakamura, I think a move to the red brand is the only way to go for the former WWE Champion and I'm going to try and convince you of that, too.

Up until recently, Daniel Bryan had been on SmackDown as merely a man in a suit. Well, a nicely ironed and buttoned up check shirt.

While the former SmackDown General Manager recently resigned from his authority role and been replaced by Paige, one simple way to completely solidify the former Intercontinental Champion as a full-time wrestler would be to shift him onto Monday nights.

Now that's the simple reason. Move Daniel Bryan to Raw so we forget he was ever GM, right? Article over. Done.

Daniel Bryan was
Daniel Bryan was only recently the General Manager of SmackDown

Well, no.


In fact, I'm suggesting we definitely don't forget about it. Do the opposite, in fact. There are a plethora of stars on WWE television I want to see Daniel Bryan get his hands on now that he's medically cleared to compete - and none more so than The Miz.

While we could easily shift Miz to SmackDown, the story would be perfectly reignited by Miz accusing Daniel Bryan of losing his job and coming crawling to Raw, or even just attacking his former boss during a dream match Shinsuke Nakamura style.

Now, I mentioned dream matches there. WWE have teased Daniel Bryan as a match that could happen now that the 'Yes man' has been cleared.

If reports are to be believed, there may be a bit of a deadline on that match happening due to contractual issues with Lesnar. Although WWE insists that 'The Beast Incarnate' has signed a new deal.

WWE.c posted this image in an article about dream matches

And after Lesnar, we have Finn Balor on Raw, as well as matches we've seen before but would love to see again with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Now, we all know Daniel Bryan has a history with authority figures and, while Stephanie McMahon is currently in a Stone Cold-Vince-esque feud with Ronda Rousey, you'd have to assume Daniel Bryan will have a run-in with the Authority in the future again.

With Stephanie McMahon as the current Commissioner of Raw, the red brand seems like the place to do that.

In fact, while we're talking about authority figures on the red brand... Kurt Angle would be the dream match of all dream matches, and not one we'd have ever thought would be possible in WWE.

While both men are currently huge baby faces, that could easily all change and Bryan could harp back to when he was attacked on Raw late last year as the motive.

Now, one more option we haven't covered definitely does fall into time constraints, and is a direct lead from that last statement.


The reunion we all want!

If there's to be a 'Team Hell No' reunion, now is the time. With Kane thought to be on his final run in WWE due to impending political commitments, a reunion of the former Tag Team Champions may indeed be the perfect way to say goodbye to the 'Big Red Machine', and re-introduce Daniel Bryan to Raw.

Make it happen, WWE!

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