Opinion: Why John Cena should have defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania 34

This match failed to fulfil the expectations of the people
This match failed to fulfil the expectations of the people
Rajarshi Banerjee

When it comes to professional pro-wrestling, John Cena is one such wrestler who needs no introduction. He is perhaps the greatest superstar that the world has ever witnessed. His unbelievable popularity combined with a massive fan following all over the globe has turned him into a larger than life wrestler in the WWE.

However, despite all his achievements, one blot which will stay forever in his outstanding career is his loss to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 34 PPV.

Now, WrestleMania is the biggest, oldest and the grandest PPV of the WWE. To make the event a major success, the WWE should have utilized its topmost Superstars in the best possible way.

For more than a decade, John Cena is the undisputed face of World Wrestling Entertainment. Thus, the fans had high expectations from Cena in this WrestleMania match. Let us understand why this match was a disaster and the WWE should have made Cena won.

Firstly, the build-up to this match was awful. Cena repeatedly called out the Undertaker week after week but got no response from the other end. It gave an impression to the audiences that even WWE wasn't fully convinced about the possibility of this match. They just wanted Cena to be a part of WrestleMania and hence, scheduled this match.

The second botch which the WWE did was to make Cena lose the way in which he did. Agreed Cena can and did lose to the Undertaker, but, to make him lose in less than three minutes was absolutely silly. One can hardly remember the last time Cena lost a match in such a short duration.

Even if WWE wanted the Undertaker to win, they should have at least given Cena the opportunity to retaliate against the 'Deadman' and make this match more interesting. Instead, they made it a completely one-sided contest and thus ruined the expectations of millions of people around the world.

The third mistake which the WWE made was to make the Undertaker win altogether. There is no possible logic on earth that sums up to explain the Undertaker's victory in this match. Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania is conquered long back by Brock Lesnar and he has also lost to Roman Reigns.

Given the fact that he won't be a full-time player anymore, it would have been more meaningful to make Cena win. Cena and Undertaker have faced each other before, and records are definitely not on Cena's side.

Therefore, for once WWE could have turned the tables and made Cena win. That would have been a final message to the WWE Universe that indeed this was the Undertaker's last match and he won't compete again.

John Cena has accomplished almost everything that is possible in the WWE. A victory over the Undertaker at WrestleMania is something that he has never tasted and this was an outstanding opportunity for him to fulfil that dream.

However, the creative team of the WWE decided to put an impromptu match and turned the dream match into a laughing stock. The management should have planned things properly beforehand and could have made this match hundred times better had the match lasted longer and if John Cena would have won. That would have been absolutely 'best for business'.

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