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Opinion: Why John Cena vs The Undertaker should not happen at WrestleMania 

David Cullen
4.73K   //    28 Feb 2018, 00:45 IST

Just no need

John Cena appeared on Monday Night RAW to address his status for WrestleMania, following his loss in the Elimination Chamber this past Sunday.

Cena said on RAW that he wanted to do something he should have done a long time ago and make a WrestleMania challenge to The Undertaker. As much as this pleased the live audience, Cena was quick to rebuttal and say that the match wouldn't be happening and was told that match was impossible, which we are to assume is due to the Deadman's presumed retirement last year.

The match is still however believed to be happening among fans and journalists online, but I don't believe it should. I have noted before while talking about The Undertaker wrestling again, that it seems like he went out like he wanted to.

The Undertaker took in yet another defeat at WrestleMania, he went out in the main event, he put over the future face of the company in Roman Reigns and he broke character by kissing his wife, he left his belongings in the ring and he had wanted Jim Ross to call his final match, which J.R did.

This also wouldn't be the first time that John Cena and The Undertaker were to meet one-on-one on television, it would be the fifth time. The two have collided twice in 2003, one of which was on pay-per-view (Vengeance), once in 2004 and then again in 2006, and each time the matches were mixed.

The first bout between them on Smackdown in April 2003 was okay, but nothing more. The match at Vengeance was a vast improvement and by no means was it a match of the year contender, but it was Cena's best WWE match since his debut match with Kurt Angle over a year earlier. The Smackdown match in 2004 was a fair effort, and the 2006 RAW match ended far too quickly for it to be given a fair review.

A hee
A heel John Cena battles The Undertaker in 2003

Keep in mind, all these matches happened back when The Undertaker was on top of his game. John Cena wasn't that entertaining in the ring at the time and although he is well capable of putting on a great match today, he has pretty much-switched roles with The Undertaker as the phenom has had his day.

Although The Undertaker's matches over the past couple of years with Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon, and the Wyatt Family have been watchable, he hasn't had a really thrilling match since his 2015 Hell in A Cell match with Brock Lesnar, so could he really have that kind of match again, 3 years later with John Cena?

I think it would be good, but not that good.

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