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Opinion: Why the Queen of the Ring tournament is a huge step back for the WWE Women's Division

Rachel Miller
1.39K   //    07 Dec 2018, 13:55 IST

Could the WWE be bringing the Queen of the Ring soon?
Could the WWE be bringing the Queen of the Ring soon?

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Ever since the WWE Divas Division was rebranded as the WWE Women's Division with more of a focus on female Superstars' talent over looks, the ladies of the WWE have risen to huge prominence.

The women of WWE now have more visibility on TV, longer matches and distinct characters such as Sasha Banks' The Boss, Bayley's Hugger Girl, Alexa Bliss' The Goddess, Asuka's Geisha Girl and Ruby Riott's Punk Rock Girl as opposed to the Divas Era good girl babyface or mean girl heel.

Recent reports have emerged that the WWE is considering doing a "Queen of the Ring" tournament sometime next year. To tell you the truth, I think this is a bad idea and let me count the ways.

Firstly, it reminds me of the days that the FCW (WWE NXT's predecessor) would have a "Queen of FCW" where the champion would wear a crown reminiscent of the Miss USA crown.

Like the WWE main roster from 2007 to 2012, the women of FCW were seen as eye candy with most of the female talents that came from a modeling background as opposed to today's roster where many of the female talents honed their pre-WWE days by competing on the independent circuit.

Secondly, it harkens back to the days where the women would compete in degrading matches such as pillow fights, pudding matches, bikini contests and the like. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would not allow these matches to happen again as they want the women to be treated as same as their male counterparts.

Lastly, it severely damages the female Superstars' credibility as Becky Lynch is making waves with her "The Man" storyline and Ronda Rousey's huge star power.   

Let's face it. The Queen of the Ring tourney is one idea that doesn't deserve to be included during the ongoing WWE Women's Revolution which includes the first ever women's Royal Rumble, the first ever women's Elimination Chamber match and many other firsts that were previously reserved for the men. In other words, it's a huge step back for the ladies of the WWE.