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Opinion: WWE Universe doesn't need another love story angle with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

877   //    28 Jun 2019, 07:47 IST

Seth and Becky have been the talk of the town recently
Seth and Becky have been the talk of the town recently

Since the announcement of their relationship, the two showed up to the red carpet of the MTV awards, aided each other to the hospital, and now, we have Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch in a mixed tag match at Extreme Rules.

It's evident that the company wants to shed light on something that we knew already, but the feud is a copy of then couple, John Cena and Nikki Bella, when they took on The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33. Except for this time, it's Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans partnering up to face the new "It" couple.

We've seen these whirlwind romance stories before within the company. It's one of those things that can either build up each other's characters or make the fans believe one can't thrive without the other. Based on the happenings at Stomping Grounds and the following RAW, Lynch is looking to be more of the hero than Rollins. He was even shoved by her as she was trying to attack Evans.

With Lynch owning the persona of The Man, it would be easy to make Lynch the controlling one when it comes to the story-line built around their relationship.

The question is would WWE tear down the reputation of its top star for a story? It is possible that they would but this is a dilemma when you have the top stars of both men and women's division dating.

However, we get it. Every now and then you got to have that idol couple. Again, Cena and Nikki, before that it was Edge and Lita. But putting the spotlight on a couples relationship is a bad move.

They're on the road most of the time so they practically have no choice but to date someone within the company, and when word gets out that a new relationship has formed, they capitalize off it.

It's tough for some of these stars to get some privacy but these two will barely get that now. There's probably an episode of Ride Along with these two in a car somewhere in the works.

It would be helpful to say let them have their time when they're not in the ring as if that relationship never came to light.


Because what happens if they do decide to break up? What if it's a nasty one where one person makes the other one look bad? It can hurt the company in more ways than one as far as viewership and also merchandise.

In the end, WWE could go ahead with it if there is an increase in ratings.

Rollins and Lynch will face off against Corbin and Evans at Extreme Rules on Sunday July 14 on the WWE Network.

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