Original plan for Edge vs Randy Orton revealed, reason for Backlash match [Exclusive]

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever is just hours away
The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever is just hours away

With The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever just hours away, there's a lot of speculation as to whether Edge vs. Randy Orton can deliver what's being advertised for WWE Backlash. However, sources have indicated to me that the match actually wasn't meant to take place at Backlash at all - and I can now reveal the reason why it is.

WWE Backlash - Edge vs. Randy Orton

At WrestleMania, Edge and Randy Orton went to war in a Last Man Standing Match in the Rated-R Superstar's first WWE singles match in nine years, and one that many thought would be a one-off.

However, I can today confirm that the pair were reportedly set to face off again at SummerSlam, but that match was apparently brought forward due to a lack of "star power" available to WWE for Backlash after several names were ruled out of the pay-per-view.

The names mentioned as being unavailable and forcing WWE's hand to bring the match forward are Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, and of course, Becky Lynch.

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

I'm told that, due to those names being unavailable for WWE Backlash, it was pitched to Randy Orton and Edge to move the match forward, but there had been no original plan to call it "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever".

Once both talents agreed to compete at Backlash, Vince McMahon decided "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" would be yet another boost to the "star power" of WWE Backlash - something I'm told both men thought was a "rib" when they found out.

One interesting note to add is that, before his recent departure, Paul Heyman reportedly had a "vision" and was always pushing to build "new" talent in the long-term. I'm told Vince McMahon wanted to "use big stars right now" - hence the decision to bring the match forward.

Contrary to some reports, though, the words used to me were that the pair had "spirited" discussions that were always respectful, and that they didn't "clash" as is being reported - which meant the removal of the ECW legend from his recent role came as a shock for many backstage.

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