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Paul Heyman should be fired for comments about Brian Williams

2.73K   //    07 Feb 2015, 15:28 IST
Paul Heyman did a controversial take on anchor Brian Williams

What was Paul Heyman thinking? Did he honestly think people would care about something that had nothing to do with wrestling at all? Did he think it would attract attention to The WWE in a positive way? Or is Vince McMahon just throwing darts at a board and this was the idea he landed on?

The last one seems the most likely, as Paul Heyman took to The WWE network yesterday evening, to give his take on the current Brian Williams reporting scandal.  He wasted no time calling Williams a liar, even having a graphic put above him with the caption, “Brian Williams is a liar”

For those unfamiliar with what Heyman was talking about, Brian Williams, the anchor for NBC Nightly News, recently did a tribute to the troop’s piece. During the nightly news segment, he told a less then truthful story about a helicopter he was in being hit by enemy fire, while in Iraq and being forced to land. The statement was later recanted and NBC has begun an investigation into the matter.

First off, Brian Williams is not a liar! He simply forgot certain details about an event that happened to him 12 years ago. The event did take place 2002, but it was the helicopter in front of the one that he was riding in, that was hit by enemy fire and forced to land. That’s not lying! That’s just getting confused when recounting events!

The second problem I have with this is, that The WWE has no reason to be talking about this scandal at all. It has nothing to do with wrestling or the people inside The WWE at all! This was just a failed attempt by WWE to get mainstream attention for their upcoming WrestleMania 31 pay per view, and guess what? It didn’t even work!

While most people will say that this claim isn’t possible, since no mentioning of WrestleMania took place during the broadcast, that doesn’t mean The WWE wouldn’t name drop the flagship pay per view during an interview with a major news outlet, if given the chance to.

This not only was a waste of time on The WWE’s part, but it may even hurt them as well. What WWE fan wants to be reminded of current events while watching original programming on The WWE network? If anything, this is only another strike against The WWE and The WWE Network for allowing the pointless broadcast to even take place.

In all honesty, Paul Heyman should be fired for this deplorable five minute broadcast. Not only for calling Brian Williams a liar, but also for even likening Brian Williams to himself in any way shape or form. This not only slander on Heyman’s part, but also a case of Heyman sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong

I don’t care if Heyman is one of the best managers and mouth pieces of all time in The WWE. He bad mouthed one of the greatest anchors of all time, and should be fired on that basis alone. Anyone involved in the idea of this broadcast should also be fired, for interrupting WWE Network programming for this atrocious mess of broadcast, and subsequently, wasting fans time.

What happens from here is anyone’s guess. The WWE may continue to discuss current controversies in the media on their prized network, but with The WWE Universe canceling their network subscriptions in droves, it would probably be wise not to give them another reason to click the cancel button

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