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WWE News: Paul Heyman suggests that the ending of The Streak was a shoot

35.55K   //    17 Jul 2016, 15:41 IST
Brock Lesnar Undertaker
The whole arena went silent with shock when this happened

Brock Lesnar ending the infamous Wrestlemania winning Streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 is one of the most iconic, and probably one of the most saddening moments in Sports Entertainment history.  

While in one hand it took the legacy of Brock to a level which can not be breached easily, it also left a feeling of emptiness for fans after witnessing the true end of one of the most coveted wrestling eras.

However, what if the iconic moment which left a sour taste in many fan's mouths was a mistake after all? 

Actually, The on screen advocate of The Beast, Paul Heyman was recently a part of an event called “An Evening with Paul Heyman” in Glasgow, Scotland where he made one of the most controversial statements of the recent history of Sports entertainment suggesting that the ending of the streak was originally a mistake.

Although the mastermind behind the original ECW didn't say the exact words, he did suggest as much. As reports, Heyman said; “Is it f*****g with you or am I telling you something you were not supposed to know?”

According to Heyman, the original plans for the Undertaker were to win against Lesnar, but by the third F-5 that he had suffered, Brock had manhandled the legend pretty badly and then hooked his leg in a way that he wasn't able to break the pin.

He also suggested that the sudden turn was also the reason behind the fact that Lesnar's music didn't play immediately after his win.

Heyman explained the backstage reaction on this by saying that WWE couldn't have fired Lesnar for making this mistake because he was already one of the biggest stars in the company and now, he was the man who broke the streak.  

So the only way of dealing with the situation was accepting Brock as the one in 21-1.

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