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Payback 2015- 5 Best Moments from the Main Event

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5.49K   //    18 May 2015, 15:52 IST

Payback was never supposed to be the best PPV WWE has to dole out this year. The company has bigger fish to fry with Summerslam and the likes. So, given this fact, Payback wasn’t exactly the worst PPV of the year, it had things to be happy about and things to look forward to.

One of the few matches that set forth a future trail of events is the main event. Many things happened that made this match quite entertaining. There were many interesting developments that can be looked forth as the seeds planted for something major in the future.

Here are the five best moments from the main event.

1.No Curb Stomp

RAW_1146_Photo_225-945301073.jpg (642×361)

There have been talks and rumors and more talks surrounding the Curb Stomp. Ever since those rumors started swirling around, the Curb Stomp has been missing in action. WWE has even edited that finishing move out from the Wrestlemania main event, lately. That once upon a time finishing move is now a myth. 

Has WWE made it a mythic element of epic proportions? After all Rollins won his maiden World Title with that move, he’s performed that on superstars like Lesnar, Cena, Ambrose, Reigns and Randy Orton. That move had quickly garnered recognition and popularity. Who can forget the RKO from Wrestlemania? After all, it took a Curb-Stomp to be reversed into an RKO ‘outta nowhere’

If WWE allows Rollins to ever use it, it’ll be a memorable moment.


DIARY_0329_34-3911893591.jpg (1284×722)


There was no curb stomp, but there was a pedigree.

Triple H’s protege of the past one year made use of The Game’s finisher to retain his title. It’s either got to make Triple H proud or it’s going to make him wary that Rollins is sort of taking over his legacy.

Rollins’ history with alliances haven’t been that great. He betrayed his Shield Brothers and led the dissension between Orton and The Authority.

Triple H will soon realize that his Plan B is not his plan anymore.

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