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Picking the winner of each match at Clash of Champions

On a night when Raw has to deliver, can it answer so many questions about the brand's title and future?

How will Clash of Champions be a better PPV than Blacklash was for Smackdown Live?

For now, it’s advantage Team Blue. Now that the Raw brand his its own pay-per-view event, Clash of Champions, how will this show better the one Smackdown Live a few weeks ago? How can WWE figure out how to write storylines that are effective without being to overdramatic and still show Raw is the better of the two programs?

It’s tougher than it seems. At Clash of Champions, the McMahons have a chance to write a best-selling novel for each title match, as well as its undercard. Can Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley deliver after big brother Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have proven they are hungry for more?

While there are more matches and a better undercard, it remains to be seen if more is better, if the Seth Rollins-Kevin Owens match can deliver without outside interference and whether Rusev will continue to win fans over by taking down Roman Reigns? Does the addition of Bayley to this match make the Women’s Title tilt with Sasha Banks and Charlotte better or just more clouded?

Hopefully, all those questions will be answered on Sunday night. In the meantime, here are predictions for every match on the card.

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