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Unpopular Opinion: WWE rely too heavily on part-timers

Nathan Artis
1.02K   //    13 Jan 2019, 22:11 IST

Elias lacks creative direction
Elias lacks creative direction

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Over the last few years, WWE management has failed to create top-level talent. It has gotten to the stage where they are relying on WWE legends to sell tickets for pay-per-views.

The company has an abundance of talent in the locker room and it seems they just have no idea how to utilize them. This isn't the fault of the talent either but due to WWE creative not wanting to invest in any of them. From a fan perspective, It seems that they don't believe that most of them can actually succeed and be the face of the company.

Some WWE fans, who are proponents of part-timers, would say that the existing talent roster isn't up to the task or is unwilling to do what is necessary. However, they couldn't be more wrong.

There are a number of people that could carry a world championship that works hard in the company and carry themselves well. WWE Superstars like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor, Elias, Braun Strowman and the list goes on.

They are some of the hardest working talents on the roster working each live event and house show in-between doing TV as well as having grueling matches. I genuinely believe they are capable of handling the responsibilities of being the face of the company, (e.g media, press conferences, radio etc).

Another thing that can be looked at is the origins of some of the wrestlers. Most of the names mentioned above have held top championships in other promotions. They may not be as globally known as WWE, but it all works out in the superstar's favor due to the experience factor.

The McMahon's have promised there to be a change in the direction of the company, especially when it comes to creative. What the complete change looks like remains to be seen but at the moment, it is a slow process. The change needs to incorporate building the superstars they've got up and to not have part-timers stealing the spotlight away from young talent.

WWE definitely do not need part-timers to continuously sell out pay per views and take off those deserving of that spot. In my opinion, they're just there for a paycheck.


A lot of the male superstars have potential and would make great WWE champions if the company was willing to invest in them. People want to see what they can do and see who the next big star is.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) could certainly pick up a lot of people who are unhappy in WWE with their position in the coming months. I think WWE needs to look at that and re-assess how they treat their talent.

If anybody was unhappy with WWE management and wanted to leave because of their position in the company, you could hardly blame them.

Some of the male and female WWE superstars that come through WWE NXT were great in there but have been buried on the main roster. It's almost become the normal thing to see NXT stars not get over once they go to WWE Raw or WWE SmackDown Live.

WWE creative has not done right by several of the talented WWE wrestlers coming out of NXT, with the exception of a few people like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and a couple of others.

I sincerely hope this new era changes all of that and brings about more opportunities for everybody. Like any other company, change is slow, but there is still a chance it could improve dramatically in the next few weeks.

Obviously, a few things still need to happen such as getting rid of Brock Lesnar as WWE Universal champion and reducing WWE Monday Night Raw back to two hours. It really is quite monotonous to sit through three hours, with half of it being filler content rather than storyline progression and building things up for the future.

I think once these changes are implemented, it will become a much better product and fans will enjoy it again.

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