Pro Wrestling News: Batista hilariously responds to CM Punk's review of his upcoming movie 

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Total BFFs

What's the story?

As reported last week, CM Punk praised Batista's upcoming movie 'Stuber' by declaring that it was hilarious and telling everyone to go see it. Batista took to Twitter to hilariously respond to his review.

In case you don't know...

Dave Bautista (Batista) should be on top of the world right now. He ended his career at WrestleMania 35, with his last opponent being Triple H. He has made a name for himself in Hollywood with supporting roles in Marvel's Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner: 2049 and the James Bond film Spectre. Life could not be better!

While Batista has made significant strides in Hollywood like The Rock and John Cena, CM Punk has also taken strides into establishing an acting career for himself. He recently made his feature film debut as a leading man in the film Girl on the Third Floor. Critics praised his performance and that 'he’s an energetic and charismatic performer.' This certainly likes a good start for the former WWE Superstar.

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The heart of the matter

Batista took to Twitter to respond to CM Punk's review of his movie. Here's what he actually said.

I was trying not to laugh because I thought you would think I was self centered! #EpicFail .. this whole time I’ve been worried you thought I turned into a self centered douche bag because I was laughing so hard at my own novie!... Stuber is just so damn funny! #stuber

It seems that the friendship between Batista and CM Punk is quite evident in their back and forth exchanges.

What's next?

Since we're on the subject, it would be cool to have CM Punk, Batista, The Rock and John Cena all in one movie. Make It happen, Hollywood! Stuber releases in theatres on July 12, 2019.


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