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GFW Impact Wrestling spoilers for 8/24, 8/31 and 9/7

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The tapings marked the final GFW appearance of Lashley
The tapings marked the final GFW appearance of Lashley

Recently, GFW taped episodes of Impact Wrestling in Orlando. According to, the tapings will air over the next three weeks.

The taping started with Eli Drake's GFW World Championship celebration. Drake was accompanied by Chris Adonis. Both of them were wearing suits and smoking cigars. There was a zebra-print couch in the ring. Drake said that the people had been telling him to be happy for winning the World Championship but he was actually annoyed since it took him almost 14 years to finally get his due.

He was then interrupted by Johnny Impact who challenged him for a World title shot. Eddie Edwards then came out and asked Impact to head to the back of the line. Jim Cornette interrupted and announced a tag-team match where Drake and Adonis would face Johnny Impact and Edwards. The wrestler to get the winning pin would become the new #1 contender for the GFW World Championship but if Drake got the pin, there would be no title shots for the other three men.

Impact Grand Champion Ethan Carter III vs El Hijo del Fantasma

This was a great back and forth match. Neither man submitted in the three rounds and it was up to the judges to decide the winner. EC3 won the match via split decision. Hector Guerrero represented AAA as a judge and voted for the Champion.

Result: EC3 defeated El Hijo del Fantasma.

After the match, Fantasma confronted Guerrero outside the ring. He went back to the ring for EC3 and was joined by a random man to inflict a beating on the Grand Champion. Eddie Edwards came down for the save. Apparently, the random person was AAA superstar Pagano who made his Impact debut in the process.

OVE vs Boykara and Fallah Bah.

This was a one-sided bout where OVE squashed his opponents.

Result: OVE defeated Fallah Bah and Boykara

Petey Williams vs Caleb Konley

Konley was accompanied to the ring by Trevor Lee. Williams was using the Maple Leaf Muscle theme once again and wearing a loin cloth.

Result: Petey Williams defeated Caleb Konley

After the match, he was double-teamed by Konley and Lee until Sonjay Dutt made the save.

Kongo Kong vs Richard Justice

This was another short match where Kong squashed the "standby wrestler".

Result: Kongo Kong defeated Richard Justice

Kong continued to attack Justice after the match but Mahabali Shera ran down for the save. Shera tossed Kong out of the ring.

James Storm vs Low Ki (with LAX)

The two men delivered a decent match, but it was filled with interference attempts from LAX. Konnan distracted the referee which allowed Santana to hit Storm with the GFW Tag team title. Homicide was missing in the LAX squad.

Result: Low Ki defeated James Storm

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards

The fans in attendance noted that this was a good back and forth contest.

Result: Eli Drake and Chris Adonis defeated Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards.

After the match, Drake was confronted by Bobby Lashley and the American Top Team MMA group. Jim Cornette interrupted and reminded the group to be inside the railings. He then announced a GFW Championship match between Drake and Matt Sydal for the following week.

Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams defeated Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee

Another good match filled with fast-paced action. The GFW X Division Champion, Dutt, pinned Konley to get the win for his team.

Result: Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams defeated Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee

It was announced that Texano had signed with GFW and that he would debut later that night.

GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna and Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim and Allie

KM attempted to interfere in the match but Braxton Sutter prevented him from doing so. Sienna and Terrell dominated the match from the beginning and picked up the win.

Result: Sienna and Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim and Allie

Post-match, Sienna and Terrel continued the beat down until Rosemary made the save. Taya Valkyrie made her presence felt and took down Rosemary and Allie.

Jim Cornette came out and announced Sydal vs Drake for the GFW World Championship for later in the night. Johnny Impact made his way out and asked to face the winner of that match. LAX interrupted and Konnan cited 'white privilege' as Impact was trying to get a title shot before Low Ki. He added that Impact's AAA Championship meant nothing in GFW. Cornette approved Johnny's international acclaim but stated that he needed to wait in line like Low Ki. Ki wasn't impressed and a brawl broke out. Security separated them and Cornette threatened to suspend LAX if they didn't leave the ring. The segment ended with Johnny Impact standing tall.

Jeremy Borash confirmed that AAA superstar Pagano had signed with GFW.

El Hijo del Fantasma and Pagano defeated Ethan Carter III and Eddie Edwards

The match was in favour of EC3 and Edwards but the momentum shifted towards Fantasma and Pagano courtesy of an interference by Texano.

Result: El Hijo del Fantasma and Pagano defeated Ethan Carter III and Eddie Edwards

The three AAA-famed superstars continued the assault on Edwards and EC3. Texano was using a rope to whip them. James Storm made the save and hit Fantasma and Texano with beer bottles.

Eli Drake(c) (with Chris Adonis) vs Matt Sydal [GFW World Championship match]

This was Drake's first-ever World title defence. He got the three count over Sydal after hitting him with the title belt. The referee got distracted by Chris Adonis.

Result: Eli Drake retained his GFW World Championship over Matt Sydal

Jeremy Borash announced that Bobby Lashley was quitting GFW to focus on his MMA career. Lashley asked for a final confrontation with Moose as a 'send-off'. Borash requested the fans in attendance to chant "quitter" during that match. Lashley stated that Top Team was begging him for months to win a Heavyweight Championship in MMA.

After months of deliberation, Lashley made the decision to go home, to his 'real' family and friends. He then called out Moose. Moose came out to the ring and landed a cheap shot on Lashley. That led to a brawl between the two all around the arena. The Top Team came to Lashley's aid and ganged up on Moose. The securities tried to bring the situation under control but the MMA fighters of the American Top Team overpowered them. Lashley and the Top Team stood tall to end the tapings.

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