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10 Top WWE Superstars who were never suspended

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Cena is WWE's poster child for obvious reasons
Only a handful of wrestlers have avoided suspension in WWE

It is very hard being a WWE Superstar. Not only does the in-ring portion of their jobs take an incredible physical toll on their bodies, but they have multiple other commitments as well. From media appearances to training, from hectic traveling schedules to trying to balance work and personal life, all of these things can and do put considerable stress on a wrestler’s life.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that some wrestlers can and have looked for ways to ‘make things easier’ for themselves. On some occasions, this involved using performance-enhancing drugs to get quicker and better results out of their physiques. On other occasions, many WWE superstars lived up to the moniker, ‘work hard, play hard’ to the point that their out-of-ring activities got them in trouble.

As a result, there have been many cases where a top WWE Superstar ended up being suspended by WWE. These suspensions led to the forfeitures of titles, loss of pushes, and other major punishments. Given how stressful being a WWE superstar is, there are a few wrestlers that managed to go through all of these rigors without ever getting suspended even once.

This list highlights ten individuals who managed to maintain their professional reputations and never get suspended, despite all the temptations to do something that would risk that very punishment.

Just to be clear, in this article we’re talking about real-life suspensions for violating WWE’s policies in some way or another. Storyline suspensions don’t count, as those are done intentionally to further WWE’s creative process.

#10 Bret Hart

Hart's WWE career hasn't been without its share of troubles
Hart's WWE career hasn't been without its share of troubles

Considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Bret Hart wrestled in WWE for about twelve years. During that period, he managed to acquire both an impressive list of accolades and championships as well as a now-legendary reputation for his abilities as a worker.

Yet not even 'The Hitman' was immune to the darker side of pro wrestling. He admitted in his autobiography that he had to use steroids while working for WWE, and did have quite extensive political clout backstage.

He also had many heated moments with Shawn Michaels before the Montreal Screwjob ever occurred, including one infamous shoot fight. Yet despite all of these issues, Bret Hart was never suspended by WWE for any reason, which shows just how important he was to Vince McMahon at the time.

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