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Projecting the Best & Worst Out Of Evolution's Reunion

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Evolution to reunite at Smackdown 1000
Evolution to reunite at Smackdown 1000

The 1000th episode of SmackDown Live is less than two weeks away and plans are already in place to make it as memorable as possible, to celebrate such a huge milestone. WWE will pull all the tricks it has up its sleeves for the broadcast just as it has done previously with the RAW1000 and RAW25 episodes.

While there are several rumours and speculations regarding Hall of Famers Edge and Shawn Michaels making an appearance on the show, nothing is guaranteed as yet, apart from the blockbuster announcement that WWE made via Twitter, making it official that one of the most dominant factions to ever appear in WWE, Evolution, will reunite in its entirety on the show.

Fans all around the world were delightfully surprised to learn that the former group comprising of some of the biggest stars in WWE ever, including Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista, will share the ring after so many years.

Speculation games have already begun to spur on social media platforms predicting possible creative directions WWE can go with this mega-stars’ reunion, but one can’t help but fear the worst that can quite possibly happen as well, as the 4 all-time greats meet for an epic reunion.

Here’s a look at the Best and the Worst that can possibly go down during the Evolution reunion on Smackdown1000.

The Best

Evolution in its first run
Evolution in its first run

When the returning Batista and Nature Boy set their foot in the ring with Triple H and Orton, fans will be hoping for nothing but angles to prolong at least one of their return. It could through tension teased between Batista and Triple H, a match that Batista has openly talked about wanting for years now.

It could also be Flair taking up a long-term manager role for the newly-turned-aggressive Orton. Given that Orton and Triple H are currently heels, and it’s not at all hard to boo Batista and Flair as well, Evolution can set its sight on the WWE Championship and target the current champ AJ Styles, giving both the title and Styles, a legitimate high-profile bout against the elite and a real main event program to finally claim his status atop.

In an ideal world, Styles can successfully defend his title against Batista and Orton at Survivor Series and Royal Rumble respectively finally beating Triple H at Wrestlemania.

That said, the possibilities are endless to work with. Rehashing their feud with Daniel Bryan, an Evolution explosion with heels Triple H and Orton going against babyfaces Flair and Batista, and an Undisputed Era debut laying waste to each member of Evolution, in an emphatic statement to mark their arrival, are just some of the many ways this reunion could go and in process, increase fans’ excitement to tune into Smackdown Live the following week.

The Worst

DX laid waste to The Revival at RAW 25
DX laid waste to The Revival at RAW 25

Perhaps the worst but most likely scenario that could play outcome Smackdown1000 would be for Evolution to reunite in a nothing segment that panders to the live crowd for a few minutes and does nothing at all for the overall product.

The group will come out to their custom theme song, pose in the ring, talk about how great they were together, plug-in some catchphrases and then just leave. Batista and Flair are never mentioned again, Orton goes back to being a sadistic heel and Triple H goes back to his management role.

And you know what could happen to worsen this even more? Somebody comes out to make a name for themselves at the expense of Evolution and gets hit by all of their signature moves, effectively getting buried in the process and getting their push cancelled later because Vince McMahon believes they’re not intimidating enough anymore.

RAW1000 followed a similar formula with the DX reunion, and so did RAW25, so there’s not a lot of history to justify any high hopes fans might have of this reunion. You know something is going terribly wrong when four guys having 49 World championship reigns and 10 Wrestlemania main events between them, together too can’t save a show from mediocrity.

Please comment down below if you agree or disagree with the aforementioned points and do let me know what would be your ideal way to bring back Evolution.

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