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Pros and cons of Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship reign

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The start of a controversial reign.

When Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 to capture the Universal Championship, few fans had expected that reign to continue till this day. All of us thought that he was made the champion in order to eventually give Roman Reigns his crowning moment(3 years in the making) in the main event of WrestleMania.

What happened during the big day for the big dog?! He was beaten fair and square in the middle of the ring by Lesnar, leaving the WWE Universe shocked. Some were happy that Reigns did not get another WrestleMania moment.

But I doubt anyone would have been happy to see The Beast continue as the champion. This time around they did not have Seth Rollins to save the main event.

What exactly does WWE have in plans for Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship? They may just play out what was planned, but at SummerSlam instead.

With Lesnar expected to leave WWE and head to the UFC, and the rumor mill stating that Brock is expected to drop the title to Roman at Summerslam this year, the end is near for this controversial reign lasting 450+ days.

It will be an understatement to say that fans are tired of this reign. At this point, they do not even care if it is Roman or even Jinder Mahal that ends it. They just want the title off of Brock. Period.

Fans will look back at this reign and just say that it has been horrible. But I feel that it has its plus points. So let us look at both the pros and cons.

Pro #1: The Intercontinental Championship is more important

Rollins had an incredible reign as IC Champion.

This was bound to happen. Since the main champion on Raw is rarely seen on TV, the Intercontinental Title has risen up the ranks as the primary title on Raw, getting featured every week and being defended almost on a weekly basis.

During Seth Rollins' reign, he continuously spoke about how proud he was of being the Intercontinental Champion, defending it all over the globe, and proclaiming himself as a fighting champion. Since he was the only champion around during the time, it meant a lot for the championship.

The likes of Dolph Ziggler has become relevant again due to him being the primary champion on Raw. And of course, one needs no introduction to The Miz and his incredible work as the Intercontinental Champion.

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