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R-Truth reveals what it was like wrestling The Rock and John Cena

R-Truth opened up about his experience wrestling The Rock and John Cena
R-Truth opened up about his experience wrestling The Rock and John Cena
Modified 27 Sep 2020, 01:21 IST

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth recently spoke to The Go Home Show Podcast. During the interview, R-Truth who is in his 39th reign as WWE 24/7 Champion, spoke about his experience teaming up with The Miz and wrestling John Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series 2011:

Oh man, working with Cena and The Rock. I felt I had reached the pinnacle of my career. I felt that I was there. I remember the moment, we're in the ring, Madison Square Garden and even before we got to the ring, me and Miz were walking to the ring and we're just looking around and the moment we got in that ring. The smoke cleared and we looked around and it was a sold out house, and we looked across the ring and there was Rock and John Cena, we just looked at each other and it was like, 'Man, congratulations. We here. We made it to the dance'. We were in the ring with two of the biggest icons in this business.

R-Truth opened up and gave more details about how it was like working with John Cena and The Rock and how receptive they were to his ideas:

Oh, they were acceptable to anything. Two of the easiest to work with and they both wanted to work with us. Me and Miz, we were really hot at that time as well. Of course, when John Cena and The Rock come back, they remain hot. You know what I'm saying? So, the combination man, it worked. I had no problem whatsoever, there were no egos involved. You just had four of the best entertainers in thre ready to entertain and put on a show.

R-Truth on the influence Vince McMahon has had on his career

R-Truth also spoke about Vince McMahon and the influence the WWE CEO has had on his career, both inside and outside the ring:

Vince McMahon has had a tremendous impact on my career. Not only as being an entertainer, but being a man, learning the business, learning psycology of this business, about being in the ring and outside the ring. Doing interviews. I'd have these promo classes with Vince, in person, and we did these for months, every week. An hour, two hours we'd have these promo classes and just learning from Vince McMahon, I think it is fruitful. You know? I've learned a lot from him as well as watched him - the way he moved mentally, the way he moved psychology, there's never a time you're not learning being around Vince McMahon.

R-Truth is currently in his 39th reign as WWE 24/7 Champion.

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Published 27 Sep 2020, 01:21 IST
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