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What are the ramifications of Shane McMahon's return to the WWE?

5.09K   //    26 Feb 2016, 19:47 IST
The herald of a new era?

I, like most twenty-something Indians grew up watching WWE when it was at its peak. The Attitude Era. The WWE today can’t hold a candle to the WWE of the old. That was when WWE had one of it’s best rosters ever with HHH, The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane. The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, well you know where this is going.

Even the Divas matches were very entertaining and relevant. Behind all this, of course were the all-powerful McMahons. Who doesn’t remember and love Shane O’ Mac, the rich, spoilt brat always looking to make a name for himself and move out of the shadow of his father?

And what a brilliant entertainer he was! A great in-ring performer inspite of not really being a full-time professional wrestler like most of the wrestlers he competed against. A brilliant heel too and now he’s back as a babyface.

I’d already heard about Shane O Mac’s return before I saw the show, but his entrance was still awesome and nostalgic. Shane McMahon has had some pretty awesome feuds with his father in the past.

I personally am a huge fan of the heir apparent of the WWE. This feud with his father looks much better and more interesting the most feuds WWE has had lately. But where is WWE heading now?

Will it still be the same old PG crap or the signalling of the return of the WWE of the old. I am optimistic and seeing how the episodes are getting less child-friendly with the F-bomb from Vince, The Rock dissing The New Day and HHH making Roman Reigns bleed, the WWE might just be transitioning back to the Attitude Era.

But don’t get too optimistic, things might not change that much. Shane O Mac’s return was awesome, yeah. Perhaps the injection that the WWE needed, but that might happen gradually or not happen at all. But there’s one thing that I really want. That is for things to improve. But to know whether things are going to change or not, we will have to wait and see.

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