Randy Orton and 4 other WWE legends who married their fans

WWE Superstar Randy Orton and wife Kim.
WWE Superstar Randy Orton and wife Kim.

When you get struck with the love bug, it's as if everything doesn't matter as long as you're together. This goes the same with fans and WWE Legends.

In numerous cases, these highly talented in-ring performers usually end up with their fellow superstars. However, some got smitten by their fans or the other way around as get to know more about each other and eventually tied the knot.

Some have already parted ways, but there are those whose marriages remained strong over the years.

Check out five WWE Superstars who married their fans.

#5. WWE Legend Jerry Lawler and Stacy "The Kat" Carter

First off is Jerry Lawler's then-wife Stacy Carter. The two met at a charity softball match in 1989, where the two began talking.

The WWE Legend and his second wife, Paula, were still married at the time, though by the time they got divorced, Carter moved in. After being together for 11 years, the two got married in September of 2000. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last that long as they got separated in 2001, which led to a divorce in 2003.

What fans remember her by was her going topless during Armageddon in 1999.

#4. Bret Hart and Cinzia Rota

Bret Hart and Cinzia Rota.
Bret Hart and Cinzia Rota.

Bret Hart is another wrestling legend that married a fan. The Italian beauty – Cinzia Rota captured the heart of The Hitman when the pro-wrestler went to the country for a WWE event.

Like Lawler, Hart is still married to his first wife, Julie Smadu, at the time when Hitman and Rota met during an autograph session. The Canadian star and Smadu eventually got divorced in 2002 after the latter got fed up with the former's extra-marital affairs.

In September 2004, the WWE Legend and Rota got hitched, though this did not last long. After three years of being together, the two called it quits after they didn't land on a common ground where they would settle down permanently.

Rota preferred that they stay in Italy, but The Hitman had a different place in mind.

#3. Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci


The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, was the one who was fanboying at the time when he was captivated by The Nitro Girls' Rebecca Curci.

The WWE Legend was said to be watching both Monday Night RAW and WCW's Monday Nitro when he came across the latter's above-mentioned dance collective. Since then, HBK got hooked on RAW's rival show all because he wanted to see Curci.

Fortunately, this time, one of Michaels' friends, who happened to own a gym, told him that the girls from Nitro were in his gym, including Curci. With Curci's permission, that friend relayed her number to HBK, and despite being reluctant at first, the WWE Legend called her, and the rest was history.

Mr. and Mrs. Hickenbottom have two kids and are still happily married.

#2. The Ultimate Warrior and Dana Viale/Warrior

It was pretty much love at first sight for both The Ultimate Warrior (James Brian Hellwig) and Dana Viale. The latter – who later on changed her last to Warrior – was an Arizona State student who was looking for work.

It so happened that the WWE Legend was opening a gym at the time within Viale's area, where she took the chance of getting a job as a fitness coordinator and, at the same time, meeting the superstar in person. The stars must have aligned that time as Hellwig and Viale met at the gym.

The two finally said their I-dos in January of 1999, had two daughters, and remained together until Hellwig's untimely passing in April of 2014 due to a heart attack.

#1. Randy Orton and Kimberly Kessler

For those unaware, Randy Orton's wife – Kim, was a member of his fans club before tying the knot.

The two met during a WWE event in New York in 2012, which Kim and the WWE Legend attended. The former tried calling the latter's attention, which she successfully did. The two dated and didn't shun away from the media regarding their relationship.

During an episode of WWE's Table for 3, Kim revealed that she was already a huge fan of The Viper even before they met, adding that in her mind, Orton was already her boyfriend. In November of 2015, the two got married and are still happy together.

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