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Ranking all Brock Lesnar Matches in Summerslam History

Kartik Seth
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 16:57 IST

This better be the last contest between these two.
This better
the last contest between these two.

It is really hard to label or judge Brock Lesnar right now. Some wrestling fans call him one of the greatest all-round performer in the history of WWE, and others, who have grown tired of his boring part time status in WWE, rate him among the most boring superstars of all time.

While it won't be entirely wrong to call his current reign, which now stands at 485 days and counting, as one of the worst reigns of the 21st century, one can certainly not argue with the fact that he is, in fact, one of the most accomplished superstars in the industry and is probably the only certified box-office draw in the company at this moment.

If WrestleMania is closely associated with legends like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, WWEs second biggest show of the year, Summerslam, shares the same relation with The Beast Incarnate. With 6 main event matches in 8 appearances, which also includes an incumbent 4 match streak, Brock Lesnar top the list of most main events in Summerslam history, 5 of which came in the last 6 years.

With marquee matches against the likes of The Rock, The Undertaker and other, Lesnar has had some tremendous and some horrendous matches at SummerSlam. Before he clashes with Roman Reigns for, hopefully, the last time, here are the ratings and rankings of all SummerSlam appearances for The Beast Incarnate.

#8 Brock Lesnar vs Triple H (2012)

This match should not have taken place. Forget about the match, this whole rivalry should not have taken place at all. If a loss to Cena in his return match wasn't enough to hamper Lesnar's stunning return, this 8 month long feud (Yes, you heard that right) nearly destroyed all the excitement around his hyped return.

As the first match of the trilogy of their matches, which included a Retirement Match at 'Mania 29 and a Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules 2011, this match was inarguably the the worst match between these two stalwarts. Both of them, who should have faced each other back in 2002, were past their prime and neither of them were regular in-ring competitors anymore.

Given the main event slot ahead of Both World Title matches, the so-called dream match was an 19-minute plodding affair which had no impact on the WWE programming for the rest of the year. The only thing it did was that it gave Lesnar a much-needed win and teased a retirement angle. Other than that, it was a total waste of opportunity.

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Published 02 Aug 2018, 22:13 IST
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