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Ranking all Summerslam main events from worst to best

The list you've all been waiting for - Summerslam main events, worst to best.

Top 5 / Top 10 16 Aug 2017, 20:53 IST

Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels from Summerslam 2005 makes this list
Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels from Summerslam 2005 makes this list

The Summerslam main event may have always played second fiddle to the Wrestlemania equivalent over the years, but in terms of the overall WWF/E calendar, being able to close out the biggest party of the summer has always been seen as a huge deal.

If you can be left standing tall as Summerslam goes off the air, fans will know they are looking at you and seeing greatness.

We've now had 29 Summerslam main events in total, and here is the ultimate list ranking them all from worst to best.

#29 Team WWE vs. Team Nexus - Summerslam 2010

Cena's crimes against wrestling
Cena's crimes against wrestling

We all have our own opinions about wrestling matches, and any list that attempts to rank so many of them at once will essentially be totally subjective.

But if Pro-Wrestling counts for more than just the in-ring action, and if main events of big four PPVs are about signature moments and building to the future, then the main event of Summerslam 2010 between Team Nexus and Team WWE has to be considered the worst of the bunch.

The only saving grace is that the match signalled the return of Daniel Bryan after being initially fired. But that's where the fun stopped. The in-ring action was basically meaningless considering how the match ended.

The Super-John Cena monster reigned supreme and almost single-handedly buried one of the most exciting factions the company had seen in a long time. The business was left a much worst place as a result of this bout for sure.

#28 Diesel vs. Mabel - Summerslam 95

A bad show in a bad year.
A bad show in a bad year.

The WWF spent much of 1995 in the wilderness. The business as a whole was at an all time low with WCW still yet to find themselves and Vince McMahon apparently fresh out of ideas.

In a somewhat questionable decision, former Men on a Mission competitor Mabel was chosen to win the 1995 King of the Ring, and his reward was a main event match-up with WWF Champion Diesel.

Kevin Nash does receive a lot of stick for his limited wrestling skills and perhaps getting opportunities that he didn't deserve, but given the right dance partner, he could normally get to the end of the match without too much trouble. Mabel was not the dance partner Nash, or anyone, needed and the fans went home feeling pretty underwhelmed.

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