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Ranking every NXT Women's Champion on the main roster

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:44 IST

Do you notice a commonality in this picture?
Do you notice a commonality in this picture?

Kairi Sane made her main roster debut earlier this week in an eight-woman tag team match, but just beneath the surface, there was an interesting commonality - the babyface side featured four former NXT Women's Champions. Paige's presence at ringside made five. Charlotte Flair also appeared earlier in the show, meaning that SmackDown has the presence of six of the seven NXT Women's Champions who have since come to the main roster.

That's what a stacked division looks like.

Nevertheless, as we've seen by now, winning a title in NXT doesn't guarantee success on the main roster. Truly, nothing does. The jury's still out on Sane. There is a reason to be worried. However, her sheer charisma and ring work, and partnership with Asuka and Paige should make for a relatively soft landing.

How successful have the other former champions gone on to become since they left Full Sail behind?

#6 Ember Moon

Ember Moon debuted explosively last year, but unfortunately, hasn't gone on to do anything of note since then, not even landing a single title match. Ronda Rousey's presence on Raw probably had something to do with that. Regardless, a move to SmackDown this past Tuesday during the Superstar Shakeup was a good one for her. If Fox wants the show to have a sports-centric presentation, she fits perfectly, as opposed to Raw, with its "sports entertainment" format requiring a certain personal magnetism that Ember Moon struggles with.

With a new sports format, Ember Moon can do what she does best, which is, showcase her athleticism in the ring. She is one of the best workers in the women's division, and quite a bit better than many of the men as well, so hopefully she will get the chance to shine in this year.

As of now, however, Ember Moon is only potential. She's been the least successful of her counterparts on the main roster so far.

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Published 20 Apr 2019, 20:02 IST
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