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Ranking the 4 most underrated wrestlers of all time

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Dean Malenko was criminally underrated
Dean Malenko was criminally underrated

When it comes to debating about who the greatest wrestlers of all time are, everyone has an opinion. Some fans opt to look primarily at their ability inside the ring, citing their signature finishing moves, titles won, and record against top opponents. Others focus mainly on their ability outside the ring, primarily looking at how they were able to entertain the audience and also antagonize their opponents.

Either way, we often tend to see some of the same fighters gravitate towards the top of most lists. This is fine, but it definitely leads to some instances where certain talents are overrated and others are underrated.

This list will contain 4 fighters who I believe have had very solid careers, yet still, don’t get much love from the wrestling community. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

#4. Dean Malenko

Given what Dean Malenko managed to accomplish in the ring, I feel as though he is criminally underrated by most wrestling fans. He had incredible versatility and even earned the nickname “The Man of 1000 Holds” for his elite finishing moves.

An incredible athlete and skillful wrestler, it wasn’t Malenko’s ability inside the ring that held him back. Instead, it was probably his relative lack of ability to engage and entertain the audience outside the ring. This is admittedly an important part of the job but is one that has cost Malenko dearly when it comes to fan ratings.

With the talent and versatility to his game, I still feel as though Malenko should be talked about by wrestling fans in a more positive light. Given his physical profile, he probably would’ve had strong success in other major sports leagues. Whilst it’s admirable that he stuck it out in the WWE, his lack of charisma earns him a spot on this list.

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