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Ranking the top 5 worst WWE feuds of 2016

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The former Prime Time Players square off

You would be hard-pressed to call 2016 a terrible year for WWE considering all it has had to offer, including the arrival of AJ Styles, the rebranding of the women's division, and the return of the Brand Split.

On top of all that, we have been treated to a handful of amazing matches and moments from John Cena vs. AJ Styles to Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens. These two feuds were nothing short of sensational and gave fans a handful of awesome outings throughout the spring and summer.

Although it has been a great year for in-ring action on the whole in WWE, that isn't to say 2016 hasn't had its various low points as well. And perhaps the biggest blemish on this year has been the rivalries that were undoubtedly awful.

Whether the matches disappointed, the segments sucked, or there was a general sense that nothing was accomplished, these programs were more or less a waste of time. While they weren't completely forgettable, they will instead live on in infamy as being the bottom of the barrel in 2016.

All right, so nothing we have seen this year has been quite as bad as Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev from 2015, but there were a few feuds that came close to measuring up. Here, we'll look at five feuds that could be considered the worst of the year once 2016 is officially over and done with.

#5 Charlotte vs. Natalya

Charlotte and Natalya engage in a war of words

It can be argued that the real women's revolution was born not out of pointless six-Diva tag team matches but rather out of the amazing outing Charlotte and Natalya produced at NXT TakeOver in May 2014. The two women contested a classic that saw Charlotte walk away with her premiere NXT Women's Championship.

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Of course, fans anxiously awaited the moment when they could feud on WWE's main roster and have a similar series of great matches. That feud finally came to fruition this past spring immediately after WrestleMania 32, but it was far from what it could and should have been.

Their back-to-back bouts at Payback and Extreme Rules were decent at best but were saddled with terrible finishes. It also didn't help that Natalya was not a compelling challenger for Charlotte, later leading to her turning heel at the start of the summer.

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