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Rating The 10 Best Rivalries In NXT History

Nathan Smith
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Published 17 Feb 2019, 14:25 IST
17 Feb 2019, 14:25 IST

NXT: The source of some of the best Superstars of all time
NXT: The source of some of the best Superstars of all time

Over the past few years, NXT has become the breeding ground for the very best professional wrestling in the entire world, with NXT Takeovers often featuring 5-star bouts. But you don't get matches like that without a great story.

Since 2012, NXT has had countless classic feuds featuring some of the most entertaining characters in the entire world, and although NXT don't push the boundaries like other wrestling promotions, they push simple, easy to follow stories.

Iconic rivalries are what put wrestling promotions on the map, and NXT is no different to that, so today we are going to look back on the first 7 years of NXT, and rate the 10 greatest rivalries that they've produced.

So what do you guys think? Are there any rivalries we left off the list? Which from this list is your favourite? As always, let us know all your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

#10 Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Neville and Bo Dallas
Neville and Bo Dallas

NXT is a very traditional, PG program, and as such, they don't have many stipulation matches, and the first Ladder match in NXT history was contested between these two men at NXT Arrival. That was the pre-cursor to Takeover, and these two main evented the first show, proving that a good story, no matter the platform will be watched and enjoyed by many people.

The story was a very simple one, and similar to Zayn and Neville at a later date in NXT, but it was the best pure babyface vs. cocky heel program in the WWE at that point. We all know how good Neville is, but this rivalry showed just how good Dallas was, even if the WWE doesn't want to push him in that way, and this rivalry was a significant contributor to NXT becoming the cult hit that it is today.

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